Monday, July 22, 2013

Glow in the Dark Party

 I planned all of the decor and festivities for my daughter's 6th grade class of 100 graduates. The theme was Glow in the Dark so everything had to glow or be neon! We held it at our local HOA clubhouse and decorated for 7 hours prior to the party! I made "chandeliers" out of cardboard, plastic flagging tape (from the hardware store), neon paper circles that I punched out in different sizes and sewed together on my sewing machine and a hula hoop from the Dollar Tree. I added a push light to the underside to help the colors glow. Total for each chandelier was about $6 and had a huge impact in the room. Isn't party set up glamorous!
 We lined all of the walls with black craft paper from Office Depot and painted dots on it with glow in the dark neon paint I got on One crazy dad even climbed on the roof and blacked out the sky lights with the black paper!
 The fringed "curtains" are cut up  plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. They added a lot of color interest to the walls.
 Here are some moms modeling the glow in the dark glasses that were handed out to the kids as favors.
 A very nice dad hung up about 5 black light bars. I got them at Wal Mart for $10 each. I also made glow stick chandeliers with wire hanging planters turned upside down. I used the same wire planters as bases from the snowman party I hosted in December.
 They looked great all lit up!
 On the invitation, I requested that the kids wear neon or white. It really added to the whole feel of the party!

 The kids also received glow in the dark necklaces when they checked in and could go to a green screen photo booth all night and have fun with the props. They could each take home a printed photo for a favor as well.
 Dinner was hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, fruit and soda.
 I put together a 30 minute video of pictures that parents sent in of the students from kindergarten to 6th grade. The kids really loved it and I made 100 copies so they could take one home for themselves.
 Dessert consisted of cotton candy that I created on these amazing light up sticks. I drove an extra 3 hours round trip to pick them up and they were SO worth it!

 Neon in full effect!
 The kids also had a great time dancing to a DJ all night (another school dad was our awesome DJ) and played plenty of One Direction music!
The kids also got to take home a can of silly string and we also had a raffle with giveaways from local merchants for movie tickets, frozen yogurt and mini golf. The kids had a great time and it was a wonderful send off for me since my family spent 11 years at that school and we are now moving on to jr. high!