Monday, June 8, 2009

Adventure Party

We had such a blast at Chasen's Adventure party celebrating his 11th birthday. It was held at Valley Trails Ranch in Castaic. The kids LOVED climbing the rock wall.
Of course, the zip line rocked!

I gave all of the guests camo Outback hats.

In the mess hall, I covered the tables in black and camo fabric. I used tin cans for the candle holders. I also used camo bandanas tied with jute for the napkins and old pie tins for the plates.

The metal tiered stand from Pottery Barn held all of the cupcakes. I ended up making 2 different types-S'Mores and vanilla with buttercream. The S'more cupcakes were amazing! I highly recommend!
Didn't the cupcake picks turn out nice. They were designed by Abigail at Paper and Cake.

I used a chef's torch to toast the tops of the swiss meringue but a gas burner works well too!

The ranch supplied hot dogs, chips and "bug juice" and I brought tri-tip, salad and breadsticks. Most of the kids ate the tri-tip(sliced sirloin)!

After dinner and cupcakes, we headed down to the campfire to toast marshmallows and sing some songs.

You know how shy I am, so Sheridan and Chasen helped me sing the "Yogi Bear" song. The camp counselors had never heard it before and they really enjoyed it!

I can't believe they were still hungry!

The guests and birthday boy had a great time!

They enjoyed their favor bags as well.
Until next time!

These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.
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Jessica said...

Fantastic party! It looks like it was SO much fun...and the cupcakes look delicious.


Polka Dot Moon said...

You are beyond clever and creative! FABULOUS!
What a party!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Now that looks like a great party place! Where is it? Perfect for boys and girls a like! Also great for older kids when Princess parties and Cars are to young for them.


amy & lisa said...

Amazing party!!! It looks like the kids really did have a great time! What wonderful memories.
That cupcake stand is really cool.
I also like the table appropriate. what is tri-tip??? I'm going to feel really stupid if it's something common that I should know. :)

Tristan Robin said...

wow - I've never had a birthday party so cool thrown for me!

you actually made meringues for a kid's party???

you rock!

Brenda said...

Fabulous party! I always love your attention to detail! And I'm not sure what tri-tip is either??

Anonymous said...

What an awesome party! That's something those kids will really remember.

Allidink said...

How fun and cute! I'm sure they were starving rock wall climbing is soooo hard! Have you ever tried it? I will never do it again! LOL. You did fabulously! It looks so fun!

All the best,

Lori said...

What a wonderful mom who gave a wonderful and memorable party! Bravo to you! Lori

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

What an awesome party!!! You rock!

dana said...

Whoa!! I have missed several of your posts during my "bloggy break"!!! Chasen's party looks wonderful!! I loved your table setting and all of the great activities planned for the kiddos. What a great cup cake stand you found!!

So how does that Yogi Bear song go? :) I think you need to record it and put it on u-tube, then on a blog for us to view!!!! :)

Happy belated birthday to Chasen!! Dana

Katie said...

Wow what a fun and active day, I'm sure that's why they were still hungry:)