Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowman Holiday Party

 I hosted a Snowman themed holiday party for my daughter's 6th grade class. We were only scheduled for an hour and the teacher wanted them to have a meal and white elephant gift exchange but no crafts. A tall order!
 Fortunately, I got to decorate the room the day before and hang lots of white, blue, red, and green snowflakes.
 I bought these adorable printables from Amanda's Parties To Go on Etsy. I covered glass vases from the Dollar Tree with patterned paper and hot glued cotton balls around the edges. A styrofoam ball held the signs that were hot glued to bamboo skewers and then covered with a striped paper straw.
 I also made these snowman cups with acrylic paint, round craft sponge, orange felt and a Sharpie.
 I got the kids "snowman" hats from Oriental Trading and embellished them with patterned paper strips, printables and mini cupcake paper holders from Dollar Tree.

 The fruit cups were also from Oriental Trading and looked quite festive!
 The kids loved their snowman hats!
 After breakfast, the kids had a white elephant gift exchanged that was quite funny. One boy got stuck with a fashion doll and another with some pink toe socks!
 The kids were treated to an amazing breakfast of french toast from Marstons Restaurant. They were voted California's #1 breakfast by the Food Network. Spoiled kids.
 Next, I had the kids play a game by breaking off into pairs and creating snowmen. The builder would wrap the other student in a roll of toilet paper, and then place the hat, black paper buttons and orange carrot nose on their snowman

 The kids had a great time!