Monday, June 29, 2009

Wizard of Oz Backyard Movie

On Sunday night, we screened the Wizard of Oz as part of our backyard movie series.
My friend Sandy had just hosted a Wizard of Oz teacher appreciation week at her daughter's school last month so I borrowed most of her decorations.
We usually toast marshmallows but I found these adorable ruby slippers and emerald cupcake liners from Bake it Pretty and I couldn't resist!

I used Blackladder ITC font for the signage.

I was going to stuff about 5 monkeys but settled with one. He hung around on the chandelier overlooking the table.

I used Sheridan's playhouse as Dorothy's house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the East. I had the striped stockings from my pirate costume and stuffed them with plastic bags. I bought red pumps from Goodwill and covered them in red glitter. (She was a sexy witch!)

The Wizard Elixer was Limeade and we also served Auntie Em's Lemonade.
We had a giant mural of the forest and I brought out my Halloween tree and hung apples from it. On the opposite side of the yard, there hung a mural of the Emerald City. I laid out a yellow brick road made out of yellow rubber latex. Sorry I don't have pictures of these.
The next movie screening is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on July 9th.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zoo Party Idea Board

While talking over party plans with my friend, I told her that Sheridan was going to have an Ice Skating party in November. The colors are going to be lavender and ice blue and lots of snowflakes. Enter Sheridan. "No Mommy. I want to have my party at the Santa Barbara Zoo".
Don't you just love it when your kids switch gears on you?
I needed new inspiration NOW so I checked out Etsy. They always have original and creative things (that's what I'm ALL about!) Most of the zoo/safari partyware was a little to "baby shower/1st birthday" for me. Then I found this adorable banner in giraffe paper with fuschia/lime/orange paper by wburley74. Very girlie and sophisticated! It will be hung up by bamboo poles.
I went on the zoo website to check out the different party locations. I chose the 3 hexagon tables on a big grassy area. I ordered satin tablecloths from in fuschia, lime and orange. They will lay over chocolate round tablecloths.
I know I want the kids to stuff animals as part of their favors so I bought reusable shopping bags in chocolate from efavormart as well. I will have a decorative tag to match the banner on each for the guests to carry their animal around in while they are enjoying the zoo. Each animal will also get a zookeeper outfit to wear.
My friend Risa at Colorful Face Art posted these amazing faces on her blog. A great alternative to the usual animal faces. I'm going to visit her in July so maybe I can pick up some tips!
I've been going in overdrive about this since it is ONLY 5 months away (I usually like a year to plan!) Since the zoo has most of the decor and activities planned, I'm not going to stress too much about it :)
Any ideas for the centerpieces?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

In the relatively short time I have been blogging, I have noticed that there are amazingly kind and thoughtful people out there. I post a blurp, a thought, a plan in my head and people respond. I would have never dreamed that I would form bonds with people I have never met before in my life and probably never will. Whether it be a kind comment or someone offering to put a link on their blog to yours or sending a gift, the offering of friendship can be overwhelming.Last year, I met Karin from Creative Chaos. I mentioned that I was planning a Witches Tea for my friends and how I had a concept for an invitation. My "idea" involved vintage crepe paper and in my mailbox came vintage orange crepe paper from Karin. How thoughtful! I've never met this woman but I knew her from her writings and kind gift. In November, she let the blogging community know that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
A few weeks before, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Karin and my mom happen to be on the same chemo schedule; same day and time. My mom doesn't own a computer (I know, weird!) so I would make copies of Karin's blog for her to read. My mom loved having someone else to share her experience with. For months, we checked in with Karin to see how she was coping. My mom's chemo ended but Karin still has to contiue her fight through radiation now.
Last week, I received a package from Karin. It contained a beautiful set of earrings that she had made (I won them in a giveaway she had) and this lovely piece of art she made for my mom.

Thank you, Karin, so much for the thoughtful gift! You continue to amaze me and I know with the blogging community behind you, you will beat this terrible disease and have more time and energy to enjoy your art and family. Our prayers are with you!

I would also like to thank everyone for their kind comments and taking the time to have links on their blogs. Thanks to Risa at The ParTea Planner for being the first blog I ever read and being my party planner friend, Amy at Living Locurto for offering to promote my site, Dana at The Stone Rabbit for the funny socks and pink mask and all of your sweet comments, and Brenda at Party Planning Mom for sending me coupons for first aid kits for my son's birthday party. I loved meeting Natalie from Little Shindigs and Cindy from Cute Pink Stuff. (We must go to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet again!) I truly appreciate your kindness and taking time out of your day to think of me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

On Friday morning, I attended a tea hosted by members of my tea group "Table for 8". Lissa and Suzie put together a lovely tea at Lissa's house while Belinda (the birthday girl) supplied the fun questions. Lissa has collected antiques for years. Her silver tea pots are from Queen Victoria's time and the Mother-of-Pearl utensils we used are from the Regency period (early 1800's). Guests feel like royalty at one of her teas.
Early Saturday morning (6:30), I took all the kids to their swim meet. I stayed until 9:20 and then I met my friend Sandy and loaded her car with a Princess party that she hosted for me and I went to a Horse party at a local ranch. After the hosted parties, I took Chasen to his baseball award party at the park from 4-7pm. His team finished 3rd out of 26 team with a record of 18-2. He received a trophy and a mural of pictures that I took of the team all season. (I must have taken about 1000 kidding!) I received a mural of Chasen for being the team photographer.

With a half hour to spare, I set up our backyard movie that we hosted.
We screened Willy Wonka so of course, it was a candy theme! I usually have the guests toast marshmallows but s'mores didn't quite fit the theme so I had the kids make their own Sandy Candy. I also had bags out so they could collect Wonka candy from the different containers.

Everyone had a great time but I was exhausted!

Sunday morning (Father's Day), I woke up with a migraine. Big surprise!
Sorry Honey! It wasn't the Father's Day you had hoped for.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


On Wednesday, my oldest niece, Katherine, graduated from high school. She lives in a rural area and there were only 129 graduates. My son graduated from Junior High a few weeks ago and his class size was 692.
My mom, Kate, my sister Debbie and me.
Getting her diploma.
A lot of kids decorated their caps. I was fun to see the different styles.

Katherine decorated hers but it was upside down.

After the ceremony, we were invited to Kate's boyfriend's home. His parents had an amazing Tex-Mex buffet.
The top picture is of Kate and Weston in front of their 3 tiered topsy turvy cake.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sugar, Sweet & Spice

Is this a lavish party for a Sweet 16?
Perhaps a funky wedding reception of a hip couple?
No, this incredible spread is for a BUNCO group!
Kara at Kara's Party Ideas put this together for a bunch of women who gamble :)
(I'm in a bunco group. I can say that!)
Please take a peek at the other fabulous ideas she has!

Vintage Cowboy Inspiration Board

I just love vintage cowboy stuff! My youngest son had a vintage cowboy room until he announced that he was "too old" for it and now his room is vintage baseball.
All of the decor is from Home a la Mode and the invites are from Dolce Mia.

Monday, June 15, 2009

DIY Father's Day Gifts

Bakerella has done it again! Look at this adorable "happy meal" made out of cookies, cupcakes and brownies!
I am such a huge fan of Disneyland and I remember when they used to have tickets for the attractions. Print out your own book for dad to use for an afternoon nap, home cooked meal or yard work done without question.

The fun begins TODAY!

Tip Junkie is celebrating her 2 year anniversary AND she is going from blogspot to DOT COM!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retro Party Hats

Check out these adorable hats at Siver Spoon Scraps.
She also has party packages available.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bird Watching

My husband and I were outside yesterday loading baseball gear from his car to mine when a black crow swooped between us and landed on our roof.
I said "Oh, that must be Cleo". I called to the bird and it landed on my arm. The bird tried to give me a kiss and started picking at my hair. My husband just stood there with his mouth hanging open.
Then I explained to him that we got a flyer in our mailbox last week from our neighbor on the next street. He explained that he and his dad had raised this bird since it was very young so it was used to people. They named the bird Cleo. They just didn't want people to be startled if a black crow tries to get friendly with them.
I heard from my neighbor, Rhonda, that Cleo has been stashing food in my lawn. She enjoys watching her carefully hide her treasures.
I saw Cleo again later in the day and fed her a strawberry. Now, we are best buddies!
I sort of feel like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White with my wild woodland friend! (Yes, I know Malificent and Grimhilda had a crow for a pet but I am NOT evil!) :)

Eye Candy Party

My fantasy come true! Check out this AMAZING adult party from Sweet Eye Candy.

I'll let my friends know that this is what I want for my next birthday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twiggi in Australia

While surfing the web, I stubbled upon this adorable party web site. Twiggi is located in Australia and everything they offer is so magical and colorful. They have party packs or decor and favors can be bought individually.
Cupcake kits, gifts, jewelry and personalized t-shirts are SO ADORABLE!
They have everything you need for an fabulous party for your child.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Adventure Party

We had such a blast at Chasen's Adventure party celebrating his 11th birthday. It was held at Valley Trails Ranch in Castaic. The kids LOVED climbing the rock wall.
Of course, the zip line rocked!

I gave all of the guests camo Outback hats.

In the mess hall, I covered the tables in black and camo fabric. I used tin cans for the candle holders. I also used camo bandanas tied with jute for the napkins and old pie tins for the plates.

The metal tiered stand from Pottery Barn held all of the cupcakes. I ended up making 2 different types-S'Mores and vanilla with buttercream. The S'more cupcakes were amazing! I highly recommend!
Didn't the cupcake picks turn out nice. They were designed by Abigail at Paper and Cake.

I used a chef's torch to toast the tops of the swiss meringue but a gas burner works well too!

The ranch supplied hot dogs, chips and "bug juice" and I brought tri-tip, salad and breadsticks. Most of the kids ate the tri-tip(sliced sirloin)!

After dinner and cupcakes, we headed down to the campfire to toast marshmallows and sing some songs.

You know how shy I am, so Sheridan and Chasen helped me sing the "Yogi Bear" song. The camp counselors had never heard it before and they really enjoyed it!

I can't believe they were still hungry!

The guests and birthday boy had a great time!

They enjoyed their favor bags as well.
Until next time!

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