Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helping out a "Sister"

I took Matthew and Sheridan to get their hair cuts today. Just a bit of back to school sprucing up! I took them to my stylist, Dawn, at J Sisters Salon in Newhall. One of the stylists there was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. To help ease some of her everyday strife, the owner, Julie, put together a TP Money Tree.
She is collecting donations from clients to afford Angela's family a trip to Costco for everyday items. (Julie and Dawn would do the shopping) Their goal is $300.

Julie stacked TP and tied it up with ribbon. She then put some pink straight pins and pre cut tags in small glasses next to the stacked TP. People could write on the tags words of encouragement to Angela and her family and pin it to some paper money and pin it to the rolls.
Here is Angela with her family.
This is Dawn styling Sheridan's hair.
What a great way to lighten the load of a friend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Care Package

On Sunday morning, I drove my son to the boat terminal to send him away for one week. He is at Boy Scout Camp on Catalina Island. This is the first time he has ever been away from home and he gave me MANY hugs before I left him in the terminal with 60 scouts from his troop.
To ease his homesickness, I put together a care package for him. The theme of the camp is "pirates". You know how I am with a theme...
I bought all of the boys in the patrol (10 of them) that will be bunking together, gummy pirate teeth, bubble gum coins, candy bracelet and an inflatable sword.

I tied up their goodies in a pirate bandanna and tied it with hemp and a custom name tag. I used Blackladder ITC font and tea stain ink pad to make it look authentic.

I also included home made chocolate chip cookies, Pirate Booty in White Cheddar and BBQ flavors, his Sports Illustrated for Kids that just came in the mail today, pirate tattoos, fish food that I bought at the boat terminal for snorkeling photo ops, playing cards and glow-in-the-dark bracelets. I also included a note from the Captain (me) with gentle reminders to keep things neat and get to class on time. It was signed by all members of the family. I distressed it and tied it with hemp as well. My hubby really misses him especially since Chasen will miss his birthday on Wednesday. I get to pick him up on Saturday to bring him home for more hugs and kisses!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rose Tree Cottage

I have been enjoying English Afternoon Tea at the Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena for many years. Last year they relocated to a beautiful historic home across the street from the Huntington Memorial Hospital. The owner, Edmund is from England and his lovely wife Mary, is from Oklahoma. Mary is very sweet and reserved and Edmund is the character.
Julie Andrews is a regular customer when she is in town because it is as close to an English Tea as you can get without traveling across the pond. We were greeted with yummy Elderberry cordial when we arrived at our cozy table. The first course included Yorkshire pudding, cucumber sandwiches, egg salad with tomatoes grown in the cottage's garden and salmon sandwiches.

Their currant scones are simply the best. They are served with Devon cream and peach preserves. The last course is their very own shortbread and petit fours. We celebrated Sandy's birthday and they gave her a petit four with a candle in it. Edmund said his gift to Sandy was NOT singing Happy Birthday to her!

Edmund and Mary have been working very hard to fix up the old home that was built in 1932. Edmund was busy in the garden but took time out to say hello to us. Mary also acts as a tour guide for trips to England and Africa. I hope someday (when Sheridan is 16) that we will be able to take the African safari trip to visit the gorillas.

I will be visiting the cottage again in August when I take one of my teacher friends to tea before she starts another busy year in Kindergarten!

Kung Fu Panda Backyard Movie

Another backyard movie! We had a big crowd on Friday night-22 people with only 4 families!
I again offered the s'more fixin's along with almond and fortune cookies.
My friend, Marina, brought AMAZING noodles and chopsticks for everyone to enjoy.
I had sparklers on the table but only as decor. There were way too many people in the backyard to make them safe to light.

We only have 3 more movies left!
Next Friday, we are sceening Beauty and the Beast.
One of my all time favs!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Party, Party Everywhere!

Sheridan's Chinese Tea Party was featured on Tip Junkie today and my Mad Hatter Tea party was on Design Dazzle! Thanks Laurie and Toni!

E.T. Phone Home!

Our family is having such a great time with our summer backyard movies. We invite friends and neighbors to join us for s'more making and watching a family fun movie in our backyard.
Last Sunday, we screened E.T.- The Extra-Terestrial. It was my daughter's first time watching it and she ended up yelling to E.T. "Get on the spaceship or they're going to leave without you again!" So funny!
I love to make the table match the theme of the movie but what to do with E.T.? I don't have my original E.T. doll anymore (or at least I have no idea where it is in my parent's garage!) My friend suggested I hang a bicycle from the patio cover. When is was 108 degrees outside at 5:00, that didn't sound too appealing. So I opted to make the closet scene. Sheridan has more than enough stuffed animals and I got a picture of E.T. off the internet and enlarged it.

I hid him in the pile of animals and the kids had a great time looking for E.T.. Of course, I also served Reese's Pieces along with the s'more fixin's.
Tomorrow night, we are screening Kung Fu Panda--Eggroll, anyone?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mad Hatter Tea Party

(click on pictures to enlarge)

On Saturday, I hosted my first Mad Hatter Tea Party. The week prior to the party, I was painting all day, everyday, trying to get ready. I was covered head to toe in paint!

This topiary sat next to the front door with a can of paint and used paintbrush left behind by one of the cards while trying to cover up his gardening mistake.

I cut the 4' tall croquet wickets out of 1/4" plywood and painted both sides. They are supported by 1X1" pieces of wood with rebar drilled into the bottoms.

The giant stacked tea cups took MANY hours of painting. I would even bring them to swim practice. They drew quite the crowd!

I also brought a giant chess set for kids or adults who wanted a little quiet time.

The hedgehog balls are madeout of 4" styrofoam balls. I ripped up paper grocery bags and used Mod Podge to apply them. Each ball took about 1/2 an hour...I made 16 of them. Luckily, my friends Sandy and Marina helped me with them.

The mallets were 2' stuffed flamingos.

My client, Tammy, had a perfect backyard for this party. We hung paper lanterns from her pergola as well as giant butterflies.

For the table, I had another stack of giant tea cups as the centerpiece. It was filled with flowers, fiddleheads and butterflies.

The placesettings consisted of plastic pink chargers, black ceramic plates with white polk dots, giant metal flower and ribbon napkin rings with chartruse napkins and black and white Cheshire cat mugs. The place card holders were butterflies in pots and I made the name cards on the computer.

It was such a wonderful party and Tammy said that I would be her party planner for life.

That is the best compliment EVER!

I am overwhelmed by all of the phone calls and emails regarding my party. I have now decided to save you from party dispair and offer the plates, cat mugs and giant tea cups (unpainted).

Leave your email in a comment and I will send you a price list :)

If you haven't left me your email, I have no way of sending you any info.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alice Treats

This Saturday, I am hosting my first Mad Hatter Tea Party!
I'm having so much fun putting together the favors.
Here is a mini ceramic cookie jar holding Tootsie Rolls adorned with colorful ribbon and a hand stamped black tag.
I'm sure Alice would be quite tempted to try a treat!
I'll show you more later...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pretty in Purple

Thanks for being so patient with me! It has been quite a busy week. In December, Sheridan informed me that she didn't like the pink and green Shabby Chic bedroom she inhabited since she was 3; she wanted purple with pink accents. So I got to work on a design in January and finally started. The walls are Sassy Lilac from Lowe's and her bed, desk chair and bulletin board are in Lily Lavender from Benjamin Moore.
For the bulletin board, I was originally going to make a fabric board and frame it but changed to chicken wire. Why? you ask. I thought the fabric would be too busy on the wall and I already had the chicken wire from another project. Plus, I hate finding push pins on the floor!
I bought a new frame from Aaron Brothers but a recycled frame would be great too! The opening was the same width of the chicken wire, so I gave it a little stretch and it fit perfectly. I used a staple gun to fix it securely.
I spray painted clothespins to act as the pins on her board. I also threaded ribbon through the wire spring to add a little pattern to them.
I spray painted the wire white and used Lily Lavender on the frame.
The curtain rods and desk are from Target and the desk chair was in my grandmother's garage. I sanded it, painted and made a new seat out of 1/4" plywood and covered it with a foam pad, batting and fabric from JoAnn's.

I got her bedding and drapes from Layla Grayce website. It is made by Pine Cone Hill and it's not juvenille so it will grow with her.

The fairy picture over the bed is of Sheridan I had taken a few years ago. Her purple skirt goes perfectly with the room. If you look closely, Sheridan is also the green fairy she is holding. I was thinking of making some wall words in white that say "I do believe in fairies".
What do you think?
The only thing left to finish the room is 2 sconces on either side of her bed for some night time reading.
Sheridan and I are very happy with the results and she loves spending time in there.
She has already written a book at her desk. I hope the creativity continues!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Festivities

My mom with her 6 grandkids
My family

Sausage bites with puff pastry-so yummy!

Patriotic cupcakes- Cupcake holders and picks from Bake It Pretty.

I made Bakerella's cupcake/brownie hamburgers and sugar cookie french fries...they were a big hit!
I have family visiting from Kansas this week so I have been busy cleaning my house. I FINALLY painted my daughter's room so I will be posting pictures this week. It turned out GORGEOUS! (if I do say so myself!)