Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rose Tree Cottage

I have been enjoying English Afternoon Tea at the Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena for many years. Last year they relocated to a beautiful historic home across the street from the Huntington Memorial Hospital. The owner, Edmund is from England and his lovely wife Mary, is from Oklahoma. Mary is very sweet and reserved and Edmund is the character.
Julie Andrews is a regular customer when she is in town because it is as close to an English Tea as you can get without traveling across the pond. We were greeted with yummy Elderberry cordial when we arrived at our cozy table. The first course included Yorkshire pudding, cucumber sandwiches, egg salad with tomatoes grown in the cottage's garden and salmon sandwiches.

Their currant scones are simply the best. They are served with Devon cream and peach preserves. The last course is their very own shortbread and petit fours. We celebrated Sandy's birthday and they gave her a petit four with a candle in it. Edmund said his gift to Sandy was NOT singing Happy Birthday to her!

Edmund and Mary have been working very hard to fix up the old home that was built in 1932. Edmund was busy in the garden but took time out to say hello to us. Mary also acts as a tour guide for trips to England and Africa. I hope someday (when Sheridan is 16) that we will be able to take the African safari trip to visit the gorillas.

I will be visiting the cottage again in August when I take one of my teacher friends to tea before she starts another busy year in Kindergarten!


dana said...

I have never had a REAL High Tea before. Infact, I don't know of any actual tea rooms still open in our area. (Now that I wrote that, I realize there is one in Greenwood, but she just serves lunch.) A few years ago, we had several---we would visit them for lunch, but not their High Tea.
You and your friends look so cute--it's obvious you are a very close group.
The menu sounded wonderful--cept for the salmon sandwich part--I'm not a salmon fan (BUT I caught one while fishing in Alaska!)
I hope you and Sheridan get to take your dream trip when she's 16. Mine is simple--I want to go to Savannah, GA and meet PAULA!!! :)
Congrats for having your parties featured on two other blogs recently!!
L, Dana

Susan Crabtree said...

What a lovely to celebrate!

lisalyn said...

The food sounds just delightful! Not sure about the tea though. :) I've never been a tea drinker, but I think the experience of this place would be worth at least a sip!