Thursday, July 23, 2009

E.T. Phone Home!

Our family is having such a great time with our summer backyard movies. We invite friends and neighbors to join us for s'more making and watching a family fun movie in our backyard.
Last Sunday, we screened E.T.- The Extra-Terestrial. It was my daughter's first time watching it and she ended up yelling to E.T. "Get on the spaceship or they're going to leave without you again!" So funny!
I love to make the table match the theme of the movie but what to do with E.T.? I don't have my original E.T. doll anymore (or at least I have no idea where it is in my parent's garage!) My friend suggested I hang a bicycle from the patio cover. When is was 108 degrees outside at 5:00, that didn't sound too appealing. So I opted to make the closet scene. Sheridan has more than enough stuffed animals and I got a picture of E.T. off the internet and enlarged it.

I hid him in the pile of animals and the kids had a great time looking for E.T.. Of course, I also served Reese's Pieces along with the s'more fixin's.
Tomorrow night, we are screening Kung Fu Panda--Eggroll, anyone?


Polka Dot Moon said...

I still get teary eyed over that movie :)

You are just too fun!!!! There are a few houses in my neighborhood......wanna live in the desert again? ;)

Simply Creative Insanity said...

I wish I was your neighbor! How fun! Great ideas!

dana said...

I think you zeroed in on one of the best scenes in the entire movie with that closet scene!!

I clearly recall when I took my kids to see that movie. My daughter was around 4 years old and my son was about 7. We were sitting toward the back of the theater. When the the "dying scene" came on she started sobbing and howling at the top of her lungs--it was pitiful. Folks from the front were all turned around trying to locate the source of the sounds. I guess it didn't traumatize her too much cuz she doesn't remember being upset...I felt awful at the time (for awhile:) I think I need to rent ET and watch it again---it's been a lot of years since I've said "ET phone home!

Hope all is well!! L, Dana

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Fun for everyone!

The ParTea Planner said...

I wish we were neighbors!!! Love the tablescape! Not too long ago I found my E.T. doll in my junk trunk, it was made out of some funky leatherette fabric and now it is all cracked. I adored that movie when I was a teen, and cried into my scarf during that scene.

But my kids won't watch it, they are freaked by him!


Tina said...

this is an awesome set up!! I was just watching E.T. yesterday!! the reeses pieces are a must!! lol well done!