Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

On Friday morning, I attended a tea hosted by members of my tea group "Table for 8". Lissa and Suzie put together a lovely tea at Lissa's house while Belinda (the birthday girl) supplied the fun questions. Lissa has collected antiques for years. Her silver tea pots are from Queen Victoria's time and the Mother-of-Pearl utensils we used are from the Regency period (early 1800's). Guests feel like royalty at one of her teas.
Early Saturday morning (6:30), I took all the kids to their swim meet. I stayed until 9:20 and then I met my friend Sandy and loaded her car with a Princess party that she hosted for me and I went to a Horse party at a local ranch. After the hosted parties, I took Chasen to his baseball award party at the park from 4-7pm. His team finished 3rd out of 26 team with a record of 18-2. He received a trophy and a mural of pictures that I took of the team all season. (I must have taken about 1000 kidding!) I received a mural of Chasen for being the team photographer.

With a half hour to spare, I set up our backyard movie that we hosted.
We screened Willy Wonka so of course, it was a candy theme! I usually have the guests toast marshmallows but s'mores didn't quite fit the theme so I had the kids make their own Sandy Candy. I also had bags out so they could collect Wonka candy from the different containers.

Everyone had a great time but I was exhausted!

Sunday morning (Father's Day), I woke up with a migraine. Big surprise!
Sorry Honey! It wasn't the Father's Day you had hoped for.


Polka Dot Moon said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post! You are one busy and creative lady!

I so want to live in your neighborhood and attend your movies, lunches, teas, parties and all :)
Wishful thinking ;)

Hope your headache clears up fast! Caffeine is the fix all!

TheSuiteLife said...

ADORABLE! Love your blog!!

Jessica said...

This is beautiful!

d said...

What a bummer about the headache. I hope it's lots better.

Your tea group looks so cute--your hostess' antiques are stunning. I love the mirror over the sofa. It looks like one I have that came off an old buffet (I'm using it now more as a sofa table of sorts now). I thought about hanging the mirror, but I need to add a piece of wood on the bottom to create a little display shelf.

Wow, you have been wildly busy!!! I was always sad when our kiddos ended a sport for the season (however, our son's b.ball stretched out alllllll summer!), but it was also nice to have a little breather before their next activity kicked in!!

Rest, rest, rest--OK? L, Dana

Photographer Sydney said...

So lovely weekend that you had spend together..

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Donna; I am not surprised that you work up with a migraine you poor thing... You sure had a very busy day. Love the Tea party such lovely ladies. Oh and the Movie party, that is so clever, but then that is why you are the party queen.... lol how fun it all sounded and tiring.... Hope you are feeling better.


Allidink said...

Wow what an awesome tea party! All those antique things sound so neat. Cute idea for the Wonka party!

All the best,

justfineinflipflops said...

Love this, too cute. Great inspiration! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog...I am the man who invented the Jelly Belly Jelly bean back in daughter Roxanne is the one who invented the Sandy Candy 13 years ago....her website is and she has many creative new fun ideas on this site the best david my e mail is

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, I don't know how you do all you do! You make it seem so easy though!