Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sugar, Sweet & Spice

Is this a lavish party for a Sweet 16?
Perhaps a funky wedding reception of a hip couple?
No, this incredible spread is for a BUNCO group!
Kara at Kara's Party Ideas put this together for a bunch of women who gamble :)
(I'm in a bunco group. I can say that!)
Please take a peek at the other fabulous ideas she has!


TheSuiteLife said...

This is FABULOUS! It would make a great theme for any girls party. Maybe I can do something similar for my daughters first birthday. She's only 2 months old but it's never to early to start planning right?

Polka Dot Moon said...

Our Bunco group never had a set up like that! I want to join hers!!

Allidink said...

I love bunco! What a fun party for bunco! Those sugar rimmed cups are so cute!

All the best,

kara's parties said...

thanks so much for all the sweet comments!
thanks for the shout out, donna!

new jobs said...

I just so love the motif.. pink.. weee!

Natasha @ FĂȘte Fanatic said...

I love this color combo! This table set up is too cute. And the sugar rimmed glasses are perfect! I could never get mine that flawless..

dana said...

What BUNCO Babe wouldn't have a blast at this party? I used to belong to a BUNCO group---we NEVER had any thing remotely as neat as this!!! It was a big deal to have seasonal M & Ms!!! :) L, Dana

Melissa Lester said...

Wow, there is a lot of inspiration on your blog these days! I'm in the midst of planning one party, only to want to put together about 10 more just from stopping by here tonight. I'm glad Chasen had such a great party! What a cool location!

twinkleshabbystar said...

EEEEK!!! FUN! FUN!!! Loove all the sweet treats and FAB colors!!! :)