Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fairy ParTea

Here is my part of the ParTea Swap- A Fairy Tea Party!!

P- Pretty tea cup & saucer

A- A little something for your garden (seed sticks for Butterfly flowers)

R- Really yummy Strawberry & Kiwi Tea

T- Tiny Fairy

E- Edible candy bracelet

A- A bunch of bubbles

Plus some beautiful molded butterfly sugar cubes and some fairy dust!

I had so much fun putting this together! I hope I can find another fabulous swap to join!

1 comment:

Pfatt Group said...

I do love the whole party. You truly did a beautiful job!!! It is makin' us SMILE!!! Thank you for the recipe too!!! I love Banana Bread.

p.S I love your party whimsie and added you to my blog. I hope that is alright??? look forward to getting to know you!!! Thanks again.