Monday, November 19, 2007

Lucky 7 Birthday Party

Sheridan just adores animals so we celebrated her 7th birthday by taking a few friends horseback riding. The girls handled their horses very well and loved it! I decorated the picnic area with horse ribbon chandeliers that I made with styrofoam rings and ribbon. I bought the pink and purple flowers from the flower mart in LA and arranged them in silver trophy cups and silver mint julep cups. We had a catered lunch from Stonefire Grill and had cupcakes that I made. I also made the chocolate horse heads that were on top of them. A bit time consuming since I had just the one mold! We played a sugar cube stacking contest and stuffed horses to take home. Everyone got to take home a decorated horse shoe to hang in their room.


Joanne Kennedy said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I'm loving it! I'm reading all your old posts.

I give my great niece a birthday party every year and this next birthday we are doing a horse theme party. We will be going to a farm to have it.

Can I ask what kind of goodie bags you gave out. I have several things already but thought you may have some big wow thing for me to use.

Do you have a picture of the chandelier you said you made. Where did you get the horse trophies to use as vases?

How did you set the table?

Hope you don't mind sharing.

Sure wish I lived near you. I'm in Orange County CA, where are you? I would love to come to your parties. My friend and I used to do a monthly lunch party and had to pick different themes to come up with. It was so fun.

I love doing tea parties. I just joined a Historic Tea Society. We dress up and everything. I have not found anything to wear yet but I'm keeping my eyes out. Do you make your outfits or rent them for your parties?

I'm putting you down on my favorite list as I love your posts.


Kendra said...

Such a fun party! Where did you get your horse mold? My sister is planning a horse party for her little girl.