Friday, May 16, 2008

Scarlet Tea Room

My friend Jan, whom I have known since we were juniors in high school, invited me to view the Pasadena Showcase house and have tea at the Scarlet Tea room. What a lovely afternoon. Even though it was 87 degrees by 10am when we started the home tour and 98 by lunchtime, it still did not deter us from having a wonderful time together. It was both our first time at the tea room. We did not have reservations but they did manage to squeeze us in. It was quite elegant inside. They had a tea and a lunch menu. There were some big parties around us. One table was celebrating a birthday. Having tea with friends is always my favorite way to spend a birthday! I had the Scarlet Tea Ceremony. Jan had the warm mushroom sandwich. I started off with some refreshing strawberry sorbet. Then came a 3 tiered silver stand with a blueberry scone complete with Scarlet cream (so yummy), homemade lemon curd and strawberry preserves. I chose 4 different sandwiches: Cucumber, turkey and cranberry, green apples and cheese and brie, watercress and walnuts. I had a vanilla almond and a chocolate hazelnut petit four. The tea ended with strawberry compote with vanilla bean whipped cream. Sorry I didn't get a picture, I was too busy eating! The tea I chose was "Amour" tea- a blend of strawberry and hibiscus. I just LOVE the pink color! Even though it was blazin' hot, we both decided to have "hot tea".Jan had a pot of pear and blood orange. Both were very good. Overall, we had a lovely time, catching up on things since we don't live close to each other and we are both extremely busy with our families.

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