Monday, August 11, 2008

Walt Disney Studios

Sometimes you just get those Dream clients!

I booked a princess party with a woman who is a lawyer with Disney Studios. She invited me to the studios to discuss the details of the party today. We had spoken on the phone a few weeks ago and we just seemed to click. She is so sweet (and organized) and offered to buy me lunch as well! She even let me use her employee discount in the Disney Store. Love her! After the party plans were hashed out and my yummy lunch was finished, we said our goodbyes. Blessed with this oppurtunity, I gave myself a self-guided tour. I am looking forward to more fabulous clients like this!

Camp Rock wardrobe and props
Mary Poppins' hat!!!!


Pink Slippers said...

That is so great. Sounds fun and worth the work. Wendy

Karin said...

What a fun client!!! Hmmmm wonder if she needs a crown or something...hee hee... I won't show this post to Carlos because then he'll wonder why I can't get a job like that! :) Karin@creativechaos