Monday, November 3, 2008

Parisian Holiday Soiree

My friend Marina and I attented the Parisian Holiday Soiree hosted by
Heather Bulllard form Present Past Collection.
It was held at the absolutely gorgeous Mission Inn in Riverside.
More than 100 guests were in attendance enjoyed the glittery abundance that Heather
bestowed upon us. As we entered, we were greeted by this unbelieveable dress form all decked out for the party which happened to fall on Marie Antionette's Birthday (how prefect!)

This was my craft packet. I couldn't wait to get started. The first craft was the bon-bon.
We used very simple items such as printed tissue paper and a cello bag with the bottom cut off.
Didn't it turn out gorgeous!
Here are some of Heather's gift wrapping ideas. She didn't use any "Christmas" wrapping paper. She used such unconventional items as maps, vintage wallpaper, Italian prayer cards photocpied and printed at home and ripped up 1940's satin bedspread. She used embellishments such as mini wooden frames, old photographs, vintage ornaments and millinery flowers.

Here is the "Soiree Master" herself--Heather. She is just as sweet as could be!

Here is Heather's boutique booth. I got 3 mini hot pink, glass heart-shaped ornaments and a glitter pink "Marie" shoe ornament
This is a lovely table display by Orange Blossom Tea House.
We started applauding when we saw this lovely bride descending the staircase.

We had a chocolate feast-chocolate fountain, brownies, chocolate chip cookies
and chocolate ice cream bars!
We got to meet the editors of Artful Blogging and Somerset Magazines.
Marina and I were so inspired, we decided to host a cookie exchange and gift wrapping party!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Love that gift package in someone's hand on the left!

Brenda said...

What a fabulous party!

Stop by, I have an award for you!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Donna; Love all the photos, so many ideas for wrapping gifts they are all so pretty. Looks like every one had a great time. Thanks for sharing the photos.

have a great day


Joanne Kennedy said...

What beautiful things you were surrounded with. Looks like it was fun place to be. Sadly I coulnd't afford to go this year but I sure wanted to.

Thanks for taking us along. Love those gift wrap ideas.


dana said...

What a great spot to be! I am overwhelmed by the gift wrapping ideas! I don't think anyone has done anything like that around here.