Saturday, May 23, 2009

Intimate Tea

On Friday morning, my friends, Suzanne and Belinda hosted a tea. I am part of a tea group called "Table for 8". It was founded by my friend Natalie about 4 years ago but 2 years ago she moved to Texas and I have taken over as "leader" of the group. We get together about once a month or more if our schedules permit. Someone will host a tea at their home or arrange reservations at a tea room.
So the tea on Friday had a little twist. Suzanne and Belinda put together some games so we could get to know each other better. Some of us have known each other longer than others but it was fun to know some intimate facts about each other.

The first game was "Middle Name". We wrote down our middle names on a scrap piece of paper and dropped them in a basket. Belinda pulled out each name and we had to guess whom it belonged to. This was hilarious! Then we described how our parents came up with our names. Sandy revealed she was named after a "bitchy but pretty red-headed neighbor" and Debbie was named after Debbie Reynolds because her dad had a crush on the actress.

The next game was 2 Truths, 1 Lie. We wrote down on cards 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves and others had to guess which one was the lie. OH MY! Some of the reactions were priceless!

After the games, we had a lovely lunch on Suzanne's back patio . Belinda made a wonderful quiche with gruyere cheese, sausage, bacon and a cinnamon bread crust. The salad had a yummy lemon dressing and grilled eggplant. I made some cupcakes to celebrate Suzie's upcoming birthday.
Now we love each other even more!
Try some of these games with your friends.


Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! I wish I had a nice sized group of friends that would enjoy doing a tea once a month. You are very lucky!


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

That sounds like great fun. I love the games!

Allidink said...

How fun is that! I think guessing whose middle name belongs to who sounds like a lot of fun lol. I wish I had a big tea party once a month LOL.

All the best,

Kendall said...

What great party game ideas. I'm bookmarking those! I also love the leafy plates...very cute!

dana said...

What fun!!! You have a great group of friends, too!! Those cupcakes are so beautiful and that lunch looks yummy! OK--I'm still trying to figure out your middle name! :) L, Dana

Brenda said...

What a fun idea - now I am inspired to start my own girls tea club. said...

I love this idea, what a fun group! I'll be linking.