Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School Project

A few weeks ago, I asked my oldest son (whom has Asperger's Syndrome-he is extremely high functioning) where he would like to do his homework. He told me he wanted to do his homework with his brother and sister at the kitchen table. This is good for me so I can keep an eye on them and on task (second son has ADHD) and help them when needed. To help keep them focused, I found a privacy screen project on Family Fun. I went to Office Depot and bought 2 tri-fold display boards and cut them in half. I bought checklists and dry erase boards for each child and I let them decorate their own boards.
Sheridan chose to write inspirational phrases. She also used markers and stickers to decorate her board.

The kids really enjoyed personalizing their own space. Matthew started high school today and the younger 2 start next Wednesday. I'll keep you posted on how the boards are working out.

Freshman in the early morning light.
He had a great first day!

Happy Back-to-School!
Update: This is a comment that was left by one of my friends on Facebook. I'm looking forward to homework now!
Mary Jo said: great Idea, my son was diagnosed with add in 2nd grade and this was an idea the child therpist gave me for doing home work and I even got his teachers to allow him to use a system like this at school when he took tests. They now have them for all students who need them at his elementary school. you will so notice a difference in his work..way to go Donna hes a very lucky boy!


Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

I LOVE that idea!!! Great job!

Melissa Lester said...

I can hardly believe that school days are here again! So far we have had a good week, but then again, no one has had homework yet! I hope your boards work out well and hope your freshman doesn't have to spend too much time behind his in the afternoon. I'm sure the workload can be heavy at times!

dana said...

Those boards certainly can work was so smart of you to get them in advance and have your kids personalize them. Wishing you a continued great start to the new school year---and remember to enjoy some "back to school time" with YOUR friends!! I always loved that part of the kids starting school again! L, Dana said...

Clever, clever! Thanks for sharing. You are brilliant as always:)

Anonymous said...

children likes to sit in a place where no body will disturb them.


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Heritage of Home said...

He there! We did the same mini office idea at our home for homeschool this year! The children loved it! I posted pics on my blog as well. I would love for you to visit and tell me what you think.