Monday, May 24, 2010

Women in History

This year, I was the chairwoman for Woman in History at our elementary school. (That's me on the far right). We perform over 2 days introducing 3 women at a time. Each show is performed 4 times over the course of the day in front of a total of 1000 people. I have been a performer the last 2 years but this year was very challenging. In January, we meet at the area coodinator's home to discuss this year's famous women. Since she has held this job for the last 23 years she wanted to "mix it up" a little and decided to have iconic women represented such as Mother Nature, Lady Liberty, Rosie Riveter, Barbie, Wonder Woman and Betty Crocker.
To say this idea didn't go over well at our school was an understatement! Parents wrote nasty letters to the principal, teachers and superintendent protesting the choices.

What really hurt was that 2 of the parents were from my Brownie troop! I offered to show them scripts and explain our choices but they wouldn't have any of it! They wrote the letters anyway.
I had to re-work the entire program because of people's ignorance. Then our program got bumped because of District testing.
Since the schedule had changed, the mom playing Clara Barton couldn't do it and the performance was only 1 week away!

Thankfully, the 6th grader who was going to be a reporter for the performance offered to be Clara and a friend of mine offered to be the reporter.
I enjoy acting but this was way too much drama for me! I hope you can see why my posting has been a bit sporatic. In addition to all of this, I am planning my Brownie troop's bridging ceremony, redecorating my family room and kitchen (I'm painting EVERYTHING and sewing all of the curtains and pillows.), planning Chasen's birthday celebration, (he is also graduating 6th grade) taking him for x-rays and casts for his arm and also packing for scout trips. Not to mention my many Party Wishes parties!
If you ever have objections to a school function, PLEASE get the facts! It truly is unfair to a lot of people when you show your ignorance.
The women portrayed at this year's performance was Lucille Ball, Deborah Sampson Gannett, Clara Barton, Marian Anderson, Annie Oakley and Grace O'Malley. I was Grace- the Irish Pirate Queen! I performed with an Irish accent and kids LOVED it! I would walk around campus and they asked me to say things in my accent-too funny!
Thanks for reading this post. I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh but it has been really weighing on me and created so much unnessasary work and stress on me. Thanks again for your support (Wow, that sounded very Bartles and James!)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


As a survivor of 20+ years as a teacher, I know all too well of what you speak.

Parents without a clue should leave the educating to those who are educated in education! Some parents mistake being involved for being in charge! Of course, parents WITH a clue are rarely heard from except to proffer gratitude.

Your costumes are adorable - and I think the iconic ideas would have been fascinating for the kids!

(Can you tell 20+ years changed my feelings about teaching LOL?)

dana said...

I too was a teacher for many years and, on the other side of the desk I was a PTA parent (officer, committee person, etc.)while my children were in school. I totally feel your pain!! It's easy to complain...but hard to be one of the folks trying to do what is in the best interest of the kiddos.

I'm certain those kids at your school loved the all looked darling.

Hang in there....these crazy days will be gone before you know it. You'll look back and think "where did the time go?" I know, I sound like an old codger! :)

L, Dana

Joanne Kennedy said...

What is really sad is it's always the ones who never seem to spend time, money and effort in helping with any of the programs that complain the loudest. I say, if you are not willing to get involved and do it yourself then keep your opinions to yourself.

I'm so sorry this happened to you but I'm happy to hear the kids all loved the program.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Always, always sour grapes in the bunch. Complainers that never have a solution or volunteer!

Sounds like you ladies did a fabulous job! Good for you!

And hang in there with juggling all those jobs/schedules/appointments!! :)