Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Wreath

 I made some new wreaths for my front doors on the cheap...
 The willow wreaths were from the Dollar Store and I spray painted them with Valspar spray paint in Exotic Sea.
 The main part of the flowers are made out of...wait for it....plastic drink bottles.
 I used fabric stiffener and cut flowers out of fabric to layer in some patterns.
 I didn't stop there! I also made some new pillow covers for my bench.
 All fabric is from WalMart.
People can't find our doorbell because the bench covers it up so I made a sign out of a Dollar Store frame, spray painted it and photocopied the fabric I used for the flowers on the wreath. I then used my Cricut to make the letters with vinyl.
My inspiration was from Tatertots and Jello and her whimsical Spring wreath from last year.
I still want to make a "Spring" banner to go over the front door.


dana said...

All of this and doing EVERY THING ELSE you do!!! You are an amazing gal. I LOVE this cute idea and I love it that you did it in a thrifty and recycled way!!!! Cute, cute...and that "bell" sign is just the best!!

I made a goal to present my two little grands with Easter baskets that only contain items made in the USA and, if I'm lucky enough to find, items that are made from recycled materials. I may have to be making the container or basket myself since they all come from China or Mexico. And, I might have to make their little Easter bunnies, too. AND I WILL if i have to! I found Easter grass that is made in the USA and is biodegradable. I know there's candy out there that is made in the USA. I was looking at little Easter books the other day... most are printed in CHINA! OK...I'll hush up.

You're a clever and talented and tireless girl....and you make a mighty fine looking Beatrix Potter, too!

Love ya, Dana

Jennifer said...

SO CUTE! I was at Dollar Tree today and saw those wreaths. I wanted to get one but I've never made a wreath before so I didn't want to buy them and then have them in the garage for the next 23 years. Now I am inspired!!! Thank you!!!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

What a wonderful spring welcome for anyone who comes to your door! And what a neat idea--photocopying the fabric for your bell sign!

Sue said...

LOVE it! Turquoise is my new favorite color!

Becky said...

I don't really do the wreath thing but you have changed my mind! I think I love it because it is all so put together, the pillows, banner, everything makes a great statement.