Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Banner

 I finished decorating my front porch!
 The other day, I made this banner out of coordinating fabric from the wreaths and pillows that I made for the bench. I used fusible web on some black cotton fabric from WalMart and used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters. I used my Alphalicious cartridge for the letters. I also used some interfacing in between the 2 layers of fabric so the triangles would keep their shape. At first, I made the banner say "Happy Spring" but when I went to hang it, it was too long so I had to cut off my "happy".
I hate when that happens!
 I used double folded black binding tape to connect all of the flags. I also used my "Once Upon a Princess" Cricut cartridge to make a butterfly silhouette on the pillow slipcover.

Sheridan and I planted Royal Wedding Sweet Pea seeds right before it rained, then hailed, then rained and then hailed again here in Southern California. Just to let you know, it was 93 degrees here less than 10 days ago.
Happy Spring everyone!


Karin said...

So cute Donna! I have a half finished banner that I need to sew the top part on (I can't think of what it's called) This will inspire me to do it...

dana said...

YOU are a Cricut Queen! I love your banner tutorial. I haven't tried cutting fabric letters on it....but now I will. Do you use the heavy duty blade for that? I just have the one that came with the Cricut.

Love how your porch came together!! It looks so cute.

There was a bad storm here Sun. size hail hit the homes of two of my friends...broken windows, roof dings, etc. We didn't get it this time...but did last Sept. Ended up getting a new roof...and our roof was just 5 years old. It's gonna be near 90 here today.

Heading out to "run" with a group one of my exercise teachers put together. This is our first day. I think the others who signed up are really YOUNG....and I will be old enough to be their mom or grandma! :) That's OK....they will inspired me... maybe! :) I've been battling Plantar Faciitis in my right foot.....had it 10 years ago and it is back. I've been doing the exercises for it, plus sleeping with a "boot" (borrowed from my exercise teacher) that keeps my foot flexed at works, but I don't sleep well. She says I'll get used to it. I even got new, super duper insoles for my running shoes. They have had a huge difference.

Have a great day! L, Dana

Susan Crabtree said...

so fresh & fun! perfect for spring! (REALLY want a Cricut now)

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

What a lovely, inviting entryway! Great job!

Adriana said...

love it! looks so happy!