Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Style Door

 For years, I have been drooling over these vintage style doors for my back door. I ran into a few problems- my current door opens to the outside, I live in Los Angeles and I don't need a storm door and we use our air conditioning in the summer (it averages 105 degrees in July and August) so I wouldn't use the screen and this door's starting cost is $400.
 I was browsing Cricut cartridges on ebay and found an Ornamental Iron 2 cartridge that had lovely scroll patterns. I thought it would be brilliant to cut them out of vinyl and stick them on my back door window!
 First, I cut out several styles and in different sizes. I used cardstock from WalMart and taped them to the window.
 After I lived with the patterns for a few days, I decided on one. The beauty about vinyl is that it is inexpensive and you can change it out if you don't like it. With a wood door, you could make a very expensive mistake.
 I made 4 cut outs and placed them in the corners.
 Next, I made a wreath for the door as well. I got a styrofoam wreath from WalMart, ripped strips of muslin and used my ruffler attachment to make a giant ruffle. I wrapped the ruffle around the wreath and then made little rosettes out of scrap fabric.

Next, I will be making curtains for my kitchen. The windows have been naked for a year and a half and I am desperate to get something on them. For the patio table, I will give it a fresh coat of white paint and put some new oilcloth on top. Of course, I need to make cushions for the red iron chairs that I got at Cost Plus last summer. I better get busy!
Do you have Spring Fever yet? Are you dreaming up any home improvements?


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Oh, you are so resourceful! Such clever ideas for getting the charming look, without the high cost!

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