Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bocce Ball in the Park

I belong to a tea group called the Table for 8. We have all become very close over the years and we love to plan different events for each other. Our goal is always to get together at least once a month; either for tea or an event. On Wednesday, Suzanne planned a lovely day in the park for us. She made us all a box lunch with all sorts of yummies inside.

There were 3 mini turkey sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit salad, potato chips and sweet pickles. She even made some deviled eggs. (well, she is from North Carolina. It just isn't a picnic without deviled eggs!) She also served Arnold Palmers-ice tea and lemonade. For dessert, she made these decadent chocolate chip brownies with a layer of marshmallow and chocolate frosting.
Most of us had never played Bocce ball before and had a great time learning it together. Whatever color ribbon your lunch box was tied up with, that was your team color.

The winners were The Red Team and they won a watermelon!

It was just a beautiful day in the park with friends.

Thank you so much, Suzanne, for a lovely afternoon!
What do you do with your girlfriends for a fun time?


Polka Dot Moon said...

What a lucky girl you are to have such a fun group of friends!!

All of my friends work cause I'm the only 40 something at home with a toddler.

What a fun day for all!

Pink Slippers said...

I just love our pictures. So colorful and fun!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Donna, how fun is that! Good for you! Yummy food, fun games and friendships to last forever! My latest post tells ya what I did with friends yesterday! Have a wonderful weekend dear!