Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't throw away those candy wrappers!

Eating all that Halloween candy should be good for something, right? Make a decorative pail for next year. I bought inexpensive 6" metal pails but you can go bigger depending on how much candy you ate!
I trimmed the wrappers and then just Modge Podged them artisticly on the pail.

Let dry and add a festive bow. I passed these out to teachers before Halloween with the flowering plants. You could also use these as favor buckets for parties or make large ones to hold next years candy hand outs. The possibilities are endless it just depends on how much candy you are willing to consume!

Now, go eat some more candy for the sake of crafting!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I am so glad that I can now say I'm eating all that candy for my art!

Karin said...

Super cute idea!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well, well, well! What a wonderful idea and a great reason to "have" to eat candy. LOL

Very cute idea. Another one would be to use up any napkins that you had from a party, lunch or whatever.

I like this idea so much I think I'm going to use it for Trinity's birthday party which is coming up in Jan and I've been having a hard time finding table decorations for.


dana said...

Hi Donna! Those pails are so cute!! What a great excuse to eat that candy!

Love your very own costume idea on H-ween were absolutely GLOWING in that last photo!! :)

You, as usual, have been very busy! Me, too. I have already started Christmas decorating (greenery, etc) as I am SICK of fall stuff.....I started working on Fall and HWeen the end of July. Enough! Actually, I have so much to do, I thought I would actually start early on Christmas for once and maybe I'd be ready on time!

It was so much fun to visit you...have a great Sun. evening..I'm gonna settle in and watch Desp. HWives and Bros and Sisters...I just hope I can stay awake!

L, Dana

Anonymous said...

Tootsie rolls are my favorite and so addicting! I always have tons of papers lying around, but now I have the perfect solution for them =) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea for Halloween! Thanks!