Thursday, November 12, 2009


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This blogging thing constantly amazes me. I am so honored when I get emails from people, lovely, talented people, telling me that I am an inspiration to them. WOW! That is the highest compliment I could get! Here are some pictures from Tricia of her daughter's princess party that she sent me. She told me that I had inspired her. Here is her story...

So in honor of Sofia's two passions in life (cupcakes & princesses) I decided to have an intimate party at home. I focused my attention on THE DETAILS. The countless DETAILS. Oh, what a labor of love exists in the DETAILS!

My party colors were light pink, hot white & white. I tried to carry the colors all throughout. I tried to incorporate the princess & cupcake theme consistently, as well. The ceiling featured floating pink & white party poms. We had balloons everywhere. I created simple but elegant floral arrangements with roses and mini cupcake cards. I decorated the staircase with pink tulle & ribbons & my favorite pictures of Sofia from the past 3 years.

Every party guest came dressed as a princess for Sofia's party. I created a "throne" from cardboard & a pink tablecloth & pink feather boas, and put it underneath a white mosquito net. My husband created a whimsical frame from cardboard, and we painted it & decorated it for the princess throne. Each guest had their princess portrait taken & I was able to customize their thank-you note with their picture. We decorated magic wands and crowns with glitter and played "pin the princess on the castle" and had a princess parade and a cupcake pinata. And we danced as only princesses could.

Our table settings featured adorable cupcake china I found on clearance at TJ Maxx. I even giftwrapped the juice boxes with cupcake wrapping paper. And I used candy bracelets as napkin holders. The peanut butter & jelly sandwiches were heart-shaped, as were the cheese sandwiches. I baked customized "Sofia" tiara cookies in pink & white. We had a colorful cupcake tower with a pretty princess cake on the top. For the children's goodies, we put customized stickers on pink chinese food take-out containers and attached ribbons & balloons to each one.

In honor of Sofia's birth mother in Guatemala, I wrote & framed a little note to her which was surrounded with roses on a table at the party.

Many thanks for all of the divine inspiration I received from your site! Also, here are my featured Etsy sellers! I will forever support the amazing & creative Etsy artists!
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4. Mini Cupcake Cards in the flower arrangements by Auntie's Card Shop:
I hope that Tricia can now be an inspiration to you!
Just paying it forward!


Rach said...

So adorable. I hope I have a daughter someday.

Polka Dot Moon said...

You inspire us all! What an adorable party :)

Tricia said...

You DID inspire me, Donna! :-) And trust me, my daughters are so glad you did! :-)

Sue Sparks said...

Wow! Incredibly, amazing details! She didn't forget a thing!

Your blog IS inspiring:)

dana said...

What an unbelievable party!! Yes, the details made the difference!
Donna, you always inspire me with your boundless energy and fun adventures!
Hope your weekend is great! L, Dana

PS Thank you for sharing that party... the little girl had to be on Cloud 9!

AEScrapbooking said...

Wow, you did an amazing job! We're so glad you contacted us to make the banner for you. Everything looks amazing!