Monday, April 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

I have been painting a lot lately. This weekend, I painted my family room. This week, I will finish up my kitchen walls and cabinets. I thought I would give you a tiny peek at what I have in mind for my family room. Above is a picture of my new blue walls. Before they were a sage-ish green. It is much brighter in here and I like it much better!

In my Garage sale post, you will notice that my decor was cream, sage green and barn red with touches of black. It wasn't reaally "me" with the cream and black but it went with the Waverly Country Rose fabric that I really loved. I have fallen in love with Cath Kidston over the years and simply must go in a different design direction!

I just hung the red check fabric up on the wall because I like instant gratification. I will be making curtains out of it and sewing MANY pillows to go on my new white sectional. That's also a new modern area rug and I gave my grandmother's table a fresh coat of cherry red paint. The tv stand isn't quite done with the paint job :)
This is what I'm hoping for-whimsical, elegant, vintage and modern at the same time.
These are my new everyday dishes. I used to have Southern Living dishes in yellow, red and green. I just LOVE these! It makes me very happy to eat off of them everyday. My tea tastes better out of my pretty cup!
I'm off to do more painting!


Steph said...

I LOVE your drinkware and tealights! Where did you find such pretties?

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

All of my dishes, fabric, etc. are all from the Cath Kidston UK website!

Melissa Lester said...

I love those dishes, too! I can't seem to resist falling in love with new patterns all the time.