Monday, October 11, 2010

Brick or Treat

Sheridan and I had "Girls Only" weekend and went to visit Legoland in Carlsbad. Now, if you have a Lego freak like I do in the family, I'm sure you could put them to work and have them make you some great Halloween decor. Sheridan and I found plenty of inspiration!
Skulls and spiders-seems easy enough with just black and white Legos.

How about this cute ghost?

You could even have them make their own trick-or-treat bag!

On Saturday nights in October, Legoland hosts "Brick or Treat" from 5-9 pm. Kids are encouraged to dress in costume while they "brick or treat" in the little village they set up. Each little themed hut gives out different goodies such as candy, coupons for free sundaes, apples, glow-in-dark bracelets and a special commemerative Lego brick.
The last time Sheridan was at Legoland she was only 4 and she said she didn't remember it. I'm glad we were able to experience it again...just us girls!


Polka Dot Moon said...

OH MY GOSH! Jackson would be over the moon if we took him there in October! He is ALL about the LEGO!!!

Looks like your "Girls Weekend" was spooktacular ;)

Rach said...

How fun! That lego art is pretty amazing!