Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Star Wars party

 I'm sorry I have been MIA the last month. The end of the school year, baseball season, dance recitals and parties (personal and professional) keep me VERY busy. Last weekend, I hosted my 3rd party For Dr. Robert Rey's family. Last year, I hosted Robby's How to Train Your Dragon party. This year, he wanted Star Wars. Activities included Jedi Bingo from Once Upon a Bash,
and Painting Star Wars Rock Buddies from the Star Wars Craft Book

 I made C3PO chocolate lollipops and dusted them with Luster dust so he gleamed like the real C3PO. Picture coming soon. Here is the birthday boy using the force on Darth Vader.

 I pulled an all nighter to make the 18 Jedi robes and then ran out of fabric at 11:30 pm. Yes, I had to go to TWO different WalMarts to get enough fabric to complete them. Helpful Tip: DO NOT start making 18 Jedi robes the night before a party. It will take you A LOT longer than you thought to make them :)
Thanks so much to Dr. Robert Rey, Hayley and Robby for allowing me to host Robby's 7th birthday celebration. More pictures in a few weeks.

These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.
It will look like this:
- See more at: http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/2013/03/party-central/boy-party-ideas-add-yours-03-05-23#sthash.d1FHZH8o.dpuf


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Great party details! How awesome that you actually made the jedi robes!

Susan Crabtree said...

you are incredible!!:)

dana said...

You amaze me, Donna. I loved that party...and all of your awesome details. I'm sure Roby was thrilled with it.

What would we do without Walmarts!!!!!!!

L, Dana

Once Upon A Bash said...

Thanks for the mention ;) I hope they had fun playing Star Wars Bingo. Looks like you did an AWESOME job with the party!