Sunday, July 24, 2011

Budget Beach Decor

 I love changing out my decor with the seasons and holidays. After the 4th of July, my porch becomes beachy until September. I like the soft beige, whites and blues of the ocean but I also have to take into account my awesome red doors!
 I made 2 wreaths out of foam cores that I got at JoAnns for $8 each. I wrapped them in burlap from a left over project from last year as well as scrap fabric that I had on hand. The starfish are from Pier 1 that I bought many moons ago. I used my ruffler to make the ruffles for the back of the wreath and hot glued everything on.
 Trying to be as cost conscience as possible, I used a pair of my hubby's old jeans that happened to have a few holes in some inappropriate spots. I used them to cover the little pillow, make rosettes and the hanger for my bell sign.
 No one can seem to find my doorbell since it is hidden behind my bench, so I made a little sign out of a plain wooden frame from the Dollar Tree. I spray painted it white with paint I already had and used left over ruffles from the wreaths and hot glued it on the back. To make my fabric go even further, I color copied the floral fabric and hubby's jeans then cut the paper with my Cricut for the wording.
 The small floral pillow is made out of a Ralph Lauren cloth napkin that I have had for years as well as the blue check, linen and blue stripe fabric. I have quite the fabric stash.
 Total out of pocket for the front porch was $17.

 My table when you enter the front door is also decorated in the beach theme. All of the shells, driftwood, and rocks were collected at our local Southern California beaches. The beach glass, coral and buoy are from ebay.
 I love this picture of my youngest son when he was 2 being a sailor.
 I made the runner with Cath Kidston fabric I already had as well as the red check. To keep with the relaxed feel of the beach, I used raw edges on the ruffle.
Hope you enjoyed my beachy makeover!


dana said...

Donna, Donna, DONNA.....that was such a cute, cute porch redo!!!!

I love every little bit of it....from those darling burlapy wreaths to the pillow you created from your hubby's jeans to the the doorbell sign!

That was so creative, thrifty and just downright adorable!!!

Maaaaaan, now I have to put a ruffler on my list of things I want to buy, thanks to you! :)

I was wondering if you and your family were still going to do the Disney glad you are! I'm sorry to hear that you are having foot issues, too. It really stinks.

With our HORRIBLE weather we've had for about three weeks, my running hasn't been happening regular enough. I went out last night...the first time in a week and a half. It was a killer....still so hot and humid at 8:30 pm. I stopped at 2 1/4 mile. I was really feeling it and decided my elder body needed to be "eased" back into the 3.1 mile run/jog point.

I have met another gal my age who runs/walks. She does really long distance events...half and whole marathons with the run/walk approach. I know I'm not in condition to do that....but SHE can't actually run more than 1/4 a mile at this point. However, she started Couch to 5K, so is working on building up like I did. We're gonna "encourage" each other...her to run to run/ walk longer distances. We have a couple of "goals" set up for the fall and spring for each type of event. It's really nice to have someone who "gets" why we like to do this! :) I will be happy when the weather breaks so I can be consistent again about getting outside....once a week doesn't get it. However, the "resting" has been good on healing my foot that has the plantar fasciitis. Th

It was so great to hear from you!! I hope things have "slowed" down a bit for you.....I miss our frequent visits!

Have a super duper week!

L, Dana

Nicole-Lynn said...

Super cute! I love all of the burlap!

Gallamore West said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Beachy Burlap Subway Art! I'm loving your Beachy makeover too. I love all the burlap and that "Bell" sign is too cute! Have a great week!
Laurie @ Gallamore West

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Ah, here they are... your gorgeous wreaths... and other coastal goodness!! I'm looking forward to feature some of your creations on my blog!

CereusArt said...

I LOVE the shutter picture frames!