Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Backyard Movie Night

 I have been a HP fan for 10 years and my oldest son has read the series 4 times. We were at Barnes and Noble at midnight waiting for the release of the last book in 2007 and I woke up in the middle of the night to read "just a few more chapters". I wanted to go a little bit bigger for my Deathly Hallows Part One backyard movie last night than the usual s'mores and popcorn..
 I made chocolate frogs and bought boxes for them only to find out (last night) that the frogs are too big for the boxes. I now realize I could have enlarged the boxes on my printer. Next time!
 So the frogs laid in coordinating cupcake liners with a sample of the box.
 I found this recipe for Fever Fudge on Mugglenet. The heat comes from cayenne pepper and's very good!
 Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans topped with a Golden Snitch.
 Monster Book of Monsters
 Hedwig guarding our food donations.
 This butterbeer is very addicting! I got the recipe from Mugglenet as well.
 The Leaky Cauldron sign I found on
 I had a sorting ceremony before the movie started. I placed the sorting hat on guest's head and asked them to concentrate on their personal characteristics and then reach inside the cauldron to pick out their house badge.
My daughter was a bit shocked that she was placed in Slytherin! My son wanted to go to the midnight showing of Part 2 but I didn't feel like waiting in line for 8 hours and then try to stay awake to watch the movie (wow! I sounded old just then!) We will probaly go next week so we can get a decent seat in the theater.


Susan Crabtree said...

I wish we were neighbors-it looks like so much fun! I am so excited for our HP weekend-the owl post will be delivering the boys package from Hogwarts tomorrow! :)

Brandi said...

I love the Monster Book of Monsters! So clever.