Monday, September 12, 2011

Star Wars Party

 I hosted a Star Wars party for a wonderful 6 year boy and 7 of his energetic friends on Saturday. The weather threatened to rain and even hail was reported in some areas, so we held the party inside.
 I used the weather to my advantage by telling the boys the menacing weather was brought about by Dark forces and that we needed to train very hard to defeat the Dark side.
 As the guests gathered, we painted Rock Buddies. This is always a hit with the kids. I love to see their creativity come out! We balanced balloons on our light sabers to have control and patience. We played Jedi Bingo and I asked to boys to concentrate on the figures on their cards to conjure them up. They would bow their heads and close their eyes tightly to make their cards come up. I gave them Pop Rocks for each Jedi Bingo they got. Also part of their Jedi trianing was to play Pin the light saber on the Jedi. The blindfold is a Darth Vader mask blacked out so they can't see and they needed to use the force to guide the saber to the correct position.
 The highlight of their training was to defeat Darth Vader. 2 boys weren't quite sure about their Jedi skills and hid behind the others. After the other Jedis had their turn at Vader, I told the 2 that we really needed their help to defeat him. It was so cute to see them muster up the courage to face the Dark Lord. They were so proud of themselves and what they had accomplished. When we were packing up, the weather had cleared and the Jedi training was a success! The Force was very strong with these young Jedis!
The Star Wars Deluxe party includes table decor, Jedi training by Jedi Master Donna, a visit from Darth Vader, invitations, Jedi robes to wear during training, favors that include a light saber, photo with Darth Vader, custom chocolate C3PO lollipop, rock buddy, etc and birthday boy/girl gets a custom Star Wars t-shirt.


Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! Heck, I know a few "big" boys that would love this party :)

Susan Crabtree said...

you are so awesome! :)

dana said...

That party package sounds like a whole lotta bang for your buck!! It also sounds like a whole lotta fun! :) You look cute in your Jedi robe! :)

L, Dana