Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Print Pumpkin

 I added a few pumpkins to my Poe/Raven inspired front porch bench. I made them out of Dollar Tree pumpkins and a book.
 First, I gave the pumpkins a coat of primer white paint and let them dry. Then, I ripped up some pages of the book (yes, it killed me to destroy a book!) and then Mod Podged the strips on. Since I didn't want to buy anything extra, I used some gold paint for the stem since I couldn't find any brown in my paint collection. While they were drying, I used Heat n' Bond for the gingham leaves. I hot glued them to paper covered wires and also used the wires to make the tendrils.
I love how the book flower has darkened in the sun. I hope the pumpkins will do the same. I'm working on some indoor decor with the same theme for my tea party for my friends. Usually I host a Witches Tea (here and here) but I wanted to do something a little different. I seems blogland had the same idea I had! I have found some wonderful inspiration this year!


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I love these pumpkins! What a fun project! -Steph