Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Daisy Girl Scout Tea Party

I am the leader of Girl Scout Troop #118 and we celebrated our last meeting with a tea party! The girls wore hats they made from wrapping paper, tulle and silk flowers. They enjoyed fluffernutter, chocolate hazelnut/peanut butter and turkey sandwiches. They also had fruit kabobs, cookies and "tea". I must say they had very good manners at the table and did not hurt my 100 year old tea cups!

After the tea, we went around the circle and asked them what their favorite part of Daisies was this year and most of them said "the tea party!".


The ParTea Planner said...

Darling! That's great to get them exposed to tea time at an early age - way to go.
I can't wait to be a Girl Scout leader (a dream I thought would never happen with two boys, then "oops" a daughter came along!) I love the creative idea of making hats with the wrapping paper. I shall have to remember that! ~Risa

Anonymous said...

how did you make the hats??
They are adorable!

A deaf parents said...

Hi, I love your idea! I am need help to make our Daisy troop group more fun! It seem that we are not doing so much of that...when did you do this? Could we still do this before they end school in May 2013?

Jennifer aka scraphappy said...

Do you have directions for making the hats? I would love to try this!

andrea chiu said...

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