Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dancing With the Stars-VOTE FOR APOLO!!!!

My niece, Katherine and Apolo
Katherine with Julieanne and Laila

Heather Mills with Katherine and myself
What every woman be photographed next to a Super Model!!
Edyta was super sweet! (and TAN)
Shanndi Finnesy, Miss USA 2004. Another great person to be photographed next to when
you haven't checked your hair or make-up for 5 hours!!! (like that would have helped!)

With the final DWTS tomorrow night, I just wanted to post my "pics" and "pick" for the winner. I attended week 2 of the competition with my niece, Katherine, as guests of Tom Bergeron. We got to go to the "Green Room" after the taping to meet all of the contestants. What a thrill! Everyone was sooo nice and we got to meet most of the dancers and their families. Not to mention the sushi and open was wonderful!

My pick is for Apolo and Julieanne. They are just amazing!!! I keep reminding myself that Julianne is just 18!!! What talent!!! Apolo has improved week after week. Joey has experience with dancing in N'SYNC and Laila looks like she performs the same dance each week. VOTE FOR APOLO!!! Her are my "pics" from the green room (which is beige BTW!)