Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tea at Rose Tree Cottage

Edmond & Mary

Beautiful camelias
Stacks of scones!!!
Natalie Kircshner
Our group with Edmund
In January, we bid a fond farewell to our "Tea Queen", Natalie Kirschner. She packed her bags, husband Darin and their four boys and moved to Austin, Texas. Natalie started our little tea group the year before called "Table for 8". We pass the tea ball around to the next hostess. The chosen hostess can host a tea at her home or find a lovely tea room for all of us to try.

I have been a fan of the Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, CA for many years. Native to England, Edmond and his sweet wife Mary have owned the quaint tea room for over 20 years. Unfortunately, with urban development, the tea room has lost it's lease and is being forced to find another location. I buy the scones and Devon cream by the dozens and freeze them. I do hope they will find a new location soon! I don't know how long I can live without the creamy taste of their scones!

I write this because Natalie is coming for a visit in June and I am planning a "Tea in the Park" so she can visit with all of her friends at once. Rose Tree Cottage has their lease extended through June but after that, who knows! I encourage everyone to visit this adorable place with it's vintage camelia bushes out front and their cat sleeping on the chair by the front door!

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