Monday, February 23, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's Party

The day finally arrived! After weeks of planning, we celebrated Suzanne's 50th birthday in style!

The hostess committee as well as the guests all dressed in black dresses and pearls to set the tone of the party.

On Friday, Sandy, Debbie and I headed down to the LA flower mart to buy the fresh flowers for the party. I bought white roses, white stock, blue hydrangeas and day lillies.

Most of the arrangements were done in mint julep cups to give a nod to Suzanne's Southern heritage.

I bought little Tiffany blue boxes and they were filled with Hershey kisses and tied with a white ribbon. The "tea girls" gave Suzanne a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed basket filled with champagne, the movie, cracker jacks and a "Tiffany"-style bracelet.

Belinda hosted it at her home and here she is decorating the Red Velvet cake (another Southern favortie of Suzanne's)

Marina was carefully making the mini Bloody Mary shrimp cockatils. They were a little top heavy and Marina happened to bump one of the glasses and they all went down like dominoes!

I did the mini lemon wedges.


Marina doesn't seem too upset. We just roll with the punches!

Yummy cupcake petit fours that Marina made.

Favor boxes

Blue Raspberry Tootsie Roll Pops and Tifany Blue mints.

Easy to make tissue balls. About 50 cents each.

Dessert table complete with to-go boxes.

I made the crystal tree with branches from my front yard tree. I spray painted it white, used 14 gauge wire to support the branches. Then I hung the crystals with fishing wire.
It looked so pretty with the candlelight.
We served tea sandwiches, bruchetta, onion souffle and crackers and mushroom pinwheels. I made the punch (that was blue) out of Berry Blue Kool Aid, frozen Pina Colada mix and Sprite. The martini glasses were lined with blue sugar.

Suzanne was very surprised. She had no idea what the theme was. We just told her to wear black and pearls. Her mom flew out from North Carolina to join us.

The hostesses and birthday girl.

Sandy with the birthday cake.

That's 50 candles on there!

There were also 50 guests there to celebrate.

Suzanne loved her bracelet.

I made up a DVD of Suzanne's family photos and told them the entire horror story of "losing" the wedding pictures.

Suzanne had such a wonderful time and her mama said it was the best party Suzanne ever had! I just know that we love Suzanne and had a great time putting it together for her.
Next, we will be planning a 50th birthday party for Marina in November.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Spectacular just as I knew it would be!!! You throw a heck-of-a party :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you ladies know how to par-tay!

leslie said...

Wow... I just stumbled on your blog and am in heaven with your ideas! How do I follow your blog?

Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow Donna, you did a great job! I love the way you all look so pretty!

I think I may steal your tootsie pop and blue mint and blue punch ideas for the baby shower I'm planning. Where did you find them?

I'm so happy your friend got her Red Velvet cake! I felt so bad about not being able to make it for you.

Maybe we can work out the next party in Nov. depending on what the theme is going to be. Do you know yet?

Man I sure wish I had you to throw me a birthday party!

Hey, when you you took your kids to the Queen Mary did you do the Friday midnight Paranormal tour or the Special Effect tour? If you find anything in your photos let me know ok.


Pink Slippers said...

when I grow up I want to have patience like your friend Maria. LOL! I can't believe they all fell over. I would of died.
The party looks like fun!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I just love theme parties & this one is SPECTACULAR!! Love it all & wow, doesn't the birthday girl look happy!?!?!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Not just a Mommy! said...

Inspired fabulousness! That's why I'm sending you a Blog Love Award.

dana said...

Donna, That was a WONDERFUL party! I think I would fit right in with that fun-loving group of friends! (Maybe a tad older--but being seasoned ain't such a bad thing!) I LOVE that Marina and her mini shrimp cocktail domino trick--does she think she could do it again if asked? :) Your crystal tree was a super idea as was every other party detail you shared with us! Suzanne looked so surprised---how great that so many friends (and her mom) gathered for such a spectacular celebration!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

How fun! Everything looks gorgeous!!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! This is the funnest post ever!!! What a great idea! It looks like you had such a blast!!
Thx for sharing it with us!!!

M ^..^

Setting the Mood said...

FABULOUS!!! What a great idea for a milestone birthday. Awesome job!

Brenda said...

Absolutely fabulous! The branches with crystals are just wonderful!

Kendall @ designbykendall said...

This is so cute; I love how everyone dressed up with the theme! Great pictures and it looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Awesome!!! I couldn't wait to see photos and it turned out fabulous!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

That is the coolest, most wonderful turning 50 party I have ever seen. I wish someone would do that for me when I have that big day. I love the blue and the black with pearls is great too.

glimpse of my world said...

i love this! Very fun!

marina said...

I just can't get over how you make everything look so effortless. Your blog is amazing! I love to check it.....not ONLY to see myself!! heehee

Sweet Soirees said...

Awww.... I always wanted a Tiffany themed wedding! After seeing your pics I'll settle for a 30th bday party!

Robyn said...

I am jealous of this party! Being an event planner, I see plenty of ideas that I can use for future clients/events, but THIS party I want someone to throw for ME! I love it!
Always great to pre-rim your glasses and display. A pretty cocktail, at the ready, is just too irresistable to decline! :)
Amazing job!

Annie said...

I love, love, love this party!! In two days I'll be throwing a Tiffany inspired going-away party and can only hope it goes as well as yours! Can I ask exactly what recipe you used for the punch? I would love to make it!

Anonymous said...

I am planning a bridal shower and the bride wants a something blue theme and I really like your idea with the punch. May I ask how you made it?

Maralyn said...

Where do you get the tiffany blue boxes?

Kendra@My Insanity said...

What a great theme for a birthday party! I love how you go everyone to dress-up. I looks beautiful!

jackie fo said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the Tiffany Blue color and any excuse to wear pearls ;)

Keri Howard said...

How did you make the tissue balls? They look so cool!

Mommy Of 3 said...

Hello. I'm a mommy of twins (almost two) and a very wild almost 6 year old. On top of planning both set of kids' birthday parties, I am planning a Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower Luncheon. HELP! Where do I find the blue sugar to rim the glasses? Where do I get the blue raspberries tootsie rolls? ANY other GREAT details would be SOOOOOO appreciated. PS. The blue favor boxes. Where did you get them. pls reply to

cga said...

Recipe for the mini lemon bloody mary shrimp cocktail. The theme looked wonderful. Great ideas.How hard was it to make the crystal tree.

cga said...

Recipe for the mini lemon bloody mary shrimp cocktail. The theme looked wonderful. Great ideas.How hard was it to make the crystal tree.

Anonymous said...

WOW I love this! I am planning a tiffany and co party myself and you have definitely inspired me :)

lovefoodlifealchemy said...

What fun! I think Breakfast at Tiffany's is timeless theme for birthday parties and bridal showers. I love the blue sugar on the martini glasses. Did you make it yourself or buy it? I'm thinking of doing that for a party and wondering what the best way is to get the effect.