Thursday, February 19, 2009

Donna in Wonderland

I got a call the other day from a client who would like me to host an Alice in Wonderland Tea party for her daughter's 4th birthday next month. If you have seen my website, you know I offer theme "packages" to my clients and unfortunately, an Alice Tea party isn't one of them!

Ahhh...the power of suggestion. I am a marketing firm's dream!
As soon as I told my client that I didn't have that party theme, I immediately started researching how I could put one together! I did some major web surfing and found some amazing inspiration!
I ADORE this custom hand-painted croquet set.
I will start to design and paint this next week!
What about this gorgeous throne for "Alice"

to sit in at her Mad Tea party!
Yeah, I can paint that too!

Tea set...check!
Giant butterflies and paper lanterns...check!
Adorable signs...put on painting list.

What about a rabbit for the table? Topiaries with red roses?
Of course, crazy hats for the guests to wear to the tea party!

Then I went on a website that has very high-end display
pieces. This 5 ft. rabbit is on sale for $325.

But this "official" White Rabbit complete with heart pocket watch-$560, on sale!

Maybe I will just dress up as the Queen of Hearts and have the little kiddies dress up instead.
Then they can stuff their own cute are these!

I am off to the Flower Mart Friday morning to buy flowers for

my friend's Breakfast at Tiffany's party on Sunday and

Chasen is bridging to Boy Scouts Friday night.

Saturday afternoon, I am hosting a Make-A-Bear party for 15 and

then attending Chasen's baseball game Saturday night.

Sunday is the big day of the party! I will post pictures on Monday.

So next week, I will have plenty of time to plan this party! :)


Polka Dot Moon said...

Your parties are incredible!!! I wish you lived here or vise versa so that you could plan the 2 wee ones birthday!!!

I had no idea you had a website! Your creativity is amazing :)


Jackson is having a Bowling Party with 7 of his buddies and I'm not sure what I'm doing next week for Jillian........maybe just a cake with the family :(

Melissa Lester said...

Donna, I love your blog! I have appreciated your recent comments on mine, and I am thrilled to find another "party girl" like me! I would love to know how you started your business. I enjoy hosting parties for my children and their friends, and several people have said I should go into business. But I am so detail-oriented and invest so much time into our parties, my husband is sure that I would not make any money at it. I would love to hear your ideas for turning your passion into profits!

Pink Slippers said...

If I was to get married all over again I think I would love to have that red carpet and all those colorful lanterns. FUN!

Kendall @ designbykendall said...

How adorable! Omg I wish I could have been at this party! You're stuff is so amazing!

KennQ said...

great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)