Thursday, November 17, 2011

Embroidery Transfer Tutorial

 I am hosting a 1950's Happy Homemaker party for my daughter's 11th birthday on Sunday. I decided to get aprons for the girls to wear during the party and as their favors. Instead of spending hours making the aprons, I got these from Oriental Trading Company and I decided to embellish them. I was originally going to write the girl's names on the apron myself but I really didn't trust my hand at getting the names perfectly centered and all the same size. So I decided to use Little Days font on 96 pt and print out the names on regular copy paper.
 I put the apron in the embroidery hoop and centered the hoop on the edge of the ruffle and between the pockets. The material was thin enough so I could see the printing really well.
 I then just taped the name where I wanted it.
 Next, I used a regular colored pencil in black. The only reason I used it is because my kids were working on a school project at the same time at the same table, so I just grabbed it. You can use a washable fabric pen, too. I held my fingers behind the paper and lightly traced the name unto the fabric.
Then, I used 3 strands of hot pink embroidery floss with an outline stitch. I was lucky enough to have my Grandma teach me how to embroider when I was 9 but there are great tutorials on line if you need help with some stitches. I made 7 of them in 1 day while waiting to pick up kids at school. I hope the girls love their new aprons!

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Melissa said...

I did something similar turning mens T's into sleep shirts for a girls sleepover. I used fabric paint to put their names on them. I really should have used this name transfer technique! Hopefully the girls didn't notice they were off center! ;-)


Busy As Can Be said...

What a great tutorial nd fun idea. I am teaching my grandsons to stitch so I will have to try it.

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

So cute! What a fun favor for a party! :)

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