Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Miss Homemaker Party

 My daughter turned 11 on Sunday and we celebrated with a Little Miss Homemaker party. She wanted to cook and sew at her party so I just added a retro twist to the idea. Serendipity Soiree provided the adorable retro invitations and set the tone of the whole party.
 At each of my kid's parties, I have guests sign a scrapbook page. I also attached a copy of the party invitation.
 I hand embroidered each guest's name on an apron for them to wear during the party.
 I custom made the party hats by color copying some fabric and using the circles from Serendity Soiree that matched the invitations. The crepe paper trim is from Bake It Pretty.
 I made a cupcake/coffe filter/doily garland on each of my dining room hutches. (yes, I have 2).
 I made the Devil's food with raspberry cream fill ruffle cake myself. I learned how to make the ruffles via YouTube. I also used the same circle tags to decorate the milk bottles for when the girls had their cake. I made the cake topper from pom pom trim from a local scrapbook store and I made the "eleven" banner with my Cricut.
 One of the items the girls made were rosette headbands. I got the sewing kits from the Dollar Tree and added the SS circle tags again. The each picked out 2 fabrics to make a double rosette that I hot glued to black headbands that I also got at the Dollar Tree.
 I used to same tissue trim from Bake it Pretty but in pink to edge the favor bags and used my Cricut machine to make the tags. The font is Little Days to match to one used on their aprons.
 I covered small mason jars with doilies and baker's twine and filled with candles for the party table.
 Since it was a retro inspired party, I got the girl's their own make up since 1950's housewives always looked their best even while doing their daily chores. The girls really liked this part because they would touch up their make up after every activity.
 Next, we moved into the kitchen to bake pies. Since we didn't have a lot of time, I used refridgerator dough and the girls got little rolling pins to roll out the dough. I bought some ramekins from IKEA to make the mini pies in. The girls got to pick from apple or cherry filling and I taught them a lattice technique for the top of the pie.
 The guests really love making the pies and getting creative with the dough!
 As the pies were baking, we moved into the dining room to enjoy some cake and wear the cute little hats I made. Yes, fresh lipstick was applied prior to eating as well! The crepe paper curtain behind my daughter was ruffled by me on my sewing machine.
 Didn't the pies turn out well?

Happy Birthday Sweet Sheridan!


Serendipity Soiree said...

first of all....Happy Birthday Little miss Homemaker Sheridan! So glad to see a great day was had!

I am so excited to see how you matched everything up perfectly with the invites color scheme! Love the cake & cakes bunting and the cupcake liner garland to go with the banner! Hats and milk containers with the circles! Those aprons are so clever. So many beautiful details Donna...fantastic! So happy to have played a role in your daughters birthday. :)

Melissa Lester said...

Adorable! I love the whole party, and you look so pretty!

Susan Crabtree said...

so sweet & adorable!

Pear Tree Greetings said...

Happy birthday, Sheridan! Sounds like it was a fun day for her and yes, those pies turned out great - yum! -Dani