Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Orchard Adventure

Troop 118's first "official" meeting of the year was a field trip to an orchard in Littlerock. We arrived at Yingst Orchard greeted by the owner. A nice older woman with her 2 dogs, Lucky and Suzie, directed us to the apple, pear and peach trees. Apples were easy to find as well as the peaches, but there seemed to be fewer pear trees. The base of the trees were surrounded by prickle weeds with thousands of burs on them.
Paige trying to avoid the prickle weeds.
Our little "city girls", as the orchard owner called us, did not like the burs one little bit!
Plenty of peaches for yummy peach preserves!
It's only 100 degrees...suck it up girls!
What a terrible leader I am to submit these delicate flowers to such harsh conditions.
No, they were real troopers-I have fabulous girls!
Up the street was this funky fruit and nut stand with anything you can imagine from Date Shakes to deep Fried Twinkies!

Oh yes, did I mention the "BUG" candy! Good thing those cricket lollipops are sugar-free. I should have bought the whole lot and passed it out at Halloween. I'm sure the parents would appreciate them not adding to their children's sugar intake. Although the Cheddar Cheese Larve didn't look too bad either...EEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!

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The Old Painted Cottage said...

Looks like a fun field trip, minus the burs.