Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinosaur of the Past

Fossil Dig
My middle child is turning 12 on Friday and I thought I would show you some highlights from past birthdays. This was his 4th birthday party and it was a dinosaur party! I cut dinosaurs out of fabric and satin stitched them onto t-shirts. 8 years ago, this was a big deal!

I made his volcano cake out of a Pampered Chef glass 8 cup measuring bowl. I think you can also make doll cakes with it as well.
At first, I put sparklers on top of the cake to look like it was errupting. Later, I found out that the sparks made tiny holes in my fabric tablecloth.

On the main table, I had dinosaur books, balls, maps, models and a lava rock for the kids to learn a little more about dinosaurs. I always find it is nice to have a quiet area during a party for kids who want to "take a break" from the action.
We played "Pass the dinosaur egg", just like Hot Potato. The guests also got an explorer hat and stamped their our goody bags with paint and dinosaur stamps.

Then they played Dinosaur Stomp. Each child wore a dinosaur mask and had a balloon tied to their ankle. The object of the game was to pop everyone else's balloon while protecting your own.

Then we had a Dinosaur Egg relay race. They carried plastic eggs on spoons and ran from one end of the yard a back again.
There was also a Dinosaur egg hunt. You can tell the birthday boy was quite good at this game.

I also had a plastic volcano that we made erupt with vinegar, baking soda and some red food coloring. The best part of the party was the fossil dig. (see top picture) I found a company online, the Dinosaur Recovery Beareau, and they supplied name badges, dig flags and replicas of real fossils. Unfortunately, the company is no longer around. Tomorrow, I will try and post his Safari party!


dana said...

Donna, that was a darling party. Were you planning parties for a business at that time......if not, you had the talent right from the get-go! Bet they LOVED the dinosaur stomp!!! :) Happy 12th bd to your boy!!! June is just filled with BD's at our son's (today), my gr. girl's (tomorrow) and my daughter's the 12. Our anniversary is the 8th! We're busy this month!

I also enjoyed the previous post you shared from another party planner...darling decor and idea!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I have owned Party Wishes for 8 years so this was WAY before I got paid for planning parties LOL!

My mom's b-day is on June 16th and I have about 10 friends who have b-days this month! I get along quite well with Geminis :)

Happy Birthday to your Grand Girl! What is her birthday theme?

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I meant 4 years I have owned Party Wishes! DUH!

Rach said...

What a cute theme. That cake is amazing. All the little paleontologists running around! So cute.

Shawna said...

I just posted my sons dino b-day from a couple of years ago....great minds think alike (:

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun. Great theme for little boys. I love seeing your parties and enjoy when you share them with us.