Monday, November 8, 2010

Marathon (Wo)man

On Sunday, our city hosted it's 6th annual marathon/half marathon and 5K. My daughter's elementary school was chosen to participate in a program which allowed them to run 25 miles on their own for 5 weeks and then run the last 1.2 miles of the marathon on race day.
I thought this would be a great oppotunity for Sheridan and I to do some training together. I went on Weight Watchers (online) and lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks so I was off to a great start but then we had Fall break at Disneyland and then it rained most of October and...well, I didn't train much is what I am getting at.
Thank goodness for daylight savings ending so I could have that extra hour of non-existent sleep I had the night before. I arrived at the start of the marathon and 5K at 6:30 am and slowly warmed up. It was a beautiful day- sun was shining and the morning was cool but not cold. I loved walking through my city that I have lived in for the past 43 years. My hubby took Sheridan later because her part of the race didn't start until 8:00. I told my hubby that I would be done before her and would meet everyone at the finish line.

For some reason, my dear husband of 16 years didn't believe I could finish in under an hour. Well, I showed him! My official time was 49.39 and I was at the finish before Sheridan and hubby. HA!
I didn't run any of it, just walked. I thought it was a pretty good time for no training. Our family is signing up for the Disneyland 5K in September. I have even inspired my hubby to join us. The picture above is of Sheridan and her teacher. It was so great to see so many teachers and students participating together. Sheridan's school even sponsors Fit Team on Fridays where teachers and students are encouraged to run at lunch time. Dana at The Stone Rabbit was the one who inspired me to do this and I hope I have inspired you as well.

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dana said...

I am so proud of you!!! First, congrats on your WW achievement.....I know you will continue until you reach your goal. I think I told you that my friend Bonnie lost about 30 pounds recently on WW. It's a great program..and lifestyle! Second..that's so terrific about your 5K!! Your time was wonderful....just think what you could have done if you'd had time to train for it! I know Sheridan was very proud of you, too!! Thanks for the shout're so cute. I just loved doing the 5K with my family...especially my son. I've been trying to continue to jog/run....just a couple of times a week, with a couple of aerobic/strength classes, too. I NEVER, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be motivated to run...especially at my "advanced age", but I find it to be one of the most fulfilling things I've done in ages...I am always so happy when I complete it at a little faster pace or a bit longer distance than the time before. It's just a personal battle I have with myself. Plus, I just feel great afterwards, cuz I know I've done something good for my body and mind. I just read on our KC Marathon website, that if I'd been faster than 6 other women in my category and age group....I would have gotten a TROPHY!! OK, you can quit laughing hysterically now!! :) Maybe I will next year!! You know, however, my goal that day was simply to FINISH the 3.1 miles, running the whole way. I did and I was thrilled.

Loved the photos of the run....that was a gorgeous location! L, Dana