Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage-inspired Ice Skating Party

This last weekend, I hosted an ice skating party for my daughter's 10th birthday at a local ice rink. We had the party room for only 45 minutes before it was time to lace up our skates.
I hung snowflakes from the ceiling and had pink carnations in vintage milk glass vases. At each placesetting each girl received a new pair of gloves and some lip balm. On the chairs themselves were earmuffs I had made and the chair sashes doubles as scarves for the girls to wear.

I cut out the snowflakes with my Cricut machine after using Ultra Heat n Bond on the fabric. I then ironed the snowflake onto the scarf and added sequins for a vintage touch.
The cupcakes are from Kupcake Kitchen and I placed them in Instant Snow which was another favor for the guests.

I bought the crown on Etsy from Tattered Tique.

Here is the birthday girl applying her lip balm.

I bought pink milk glass mugs on ebay to have our hot chocolate in. The snowflake lollipops are from the Dollar Tree.

I made a carnation wreath to hang on the party room door with 8 dozen pink carnations. I really wish the door wasn't painted bright gold!

After the guests stuffed polar bears with skating outfits and had lunch, we headed downstairs to our own private ice rink to have a lesson. Everyone skated for an hour and then we were able to enjoy our hot chocolate.
I really love the way the earmuffs turned out :)
Happy Birthday sweet Sheridan!
BTW- she already decided on her next 3 birthday party themes the other day.
I love that she is such a planner!


Victoria at Party Puff said...

Great job!

Mommy2CVC said...

Wow! What a great party! I love the picture of you two. You look great!!!

dana said...

OVER THE TOP.......SO CUTE!!! I imagine many little girls were thrilled over Sheridan's party!!! I loved all of the ideas, Donna. Is there a "form" you can buy for the earmuffs? The part that goes on the head. OR is that a headband? You are so clever!!! Love that photo of you two, as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!!

I'm having it here.....cleaning and cooking today. The fam. will be coming tomorrow evening to spend the night! SOOOOOO much left to do!

L, Dana

Ingrid said...

Really cute :)

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love this party! I have always wanted to do an ice skating party for Trinity but she didn't want it :( In fact, she doesn't really want a party at all this year :( I didn't even get to a Halloween party.

Thankfully I have the girl scouts this year or I wouldn't be planning any parties. I'm having a Gingerbread Christmas party for them.

So what are the three parties she wants? I can't wait to hear all about them.

Did you make it to Peter Pan yet?


Jennie Bender said...

So sweet=)

Niina said...

What a great party! The earmuffs are fab. By the way I love the hat you are wearing on the photo with your beatiful daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you share what store on ebay you purchased the pink milk glass mugs from?

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I found the pink mugs on ebay by searching pink milk glass. I got them from 2 different sources since I needed 24,

Enchanted Expectations said...

I love this party. I know how it feels to only have a room for 45 min. But you did a fantastic job. I love all the details!

mom22 said...

LOVE your hat. Where did you get it (if you don't mind sharing). Love this party! So adorable!

Julie Gallagher said...

what a lovely unique party theme!
dying to now the next 3 themes!