Friday, November 5, 2010

Merci Beau Coup

Do you watch Amazing Wedding Cakes on WeTV on Sunday nights? This is the latest creation of Reva's from Merci Beau Coup. Before she became a famous TV star, Reva used to make birthday cakes for my daughter.
This is a cake I designed for Sheridan's 3rd birthday. It was a fairy theme and I wanted it pastel, ethereal and with chocolate dipped twigs. It was a chocolate chip cake on the bottom tier and banana cream on the top tier. There was not one crumb left of this cake.
This is a treasure chest cake that Reva made for Sheridan's Pirate party for her 6th birthday. Such an amazing job!

Here is Captain Sheridan with her parrot and her amazing cake.

This is a mermaid cake Reva made for Sheridan's 4th birthday. This is the only picture I have of the cake and it is just terrible. It really was a cool cake.
Congratulations to Reva and staff! They have been renewed for another season of Amazing Wedding Cakes!


dana said...

OMG...those cakes were fabulous!!! How fun that Reva was the one who did them...what great memories for Sheridan!! L, dana

Danielle @ Belleza e Luce said...

I just love her work! And Sheridan's cakes are just amazing!