Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Sugar Plum

This is my daughter's 2nd year performing in the Nutcracker for Dance Studio 84. Last year she was a solider and this year she is a Sugar Plum. She was so excited to wear purple (her favorite color) and a crown (what girl doesn't like a little bling!).
The performers are ages 7 to 18 and they do an amazing job. The above picture is of the Reeds.

My daughter is sitting in the front just beneath the Sugar Plum Fairy's bent leg. My camera is not the best, so shooting low light doesn't work very well. I'm hoping to borrow a camera from my professional friend to take pics backstage at the 1:00 performance today.

I'm so proud of my daughter for continuing her dance.
Do yourself a favor, and go see a local performance of the Nutcracker.
It is such a lovely experience!


miranda-girl said...

She looks beautiful!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how beautiful she looks!

I appeared in the Nutcracker when I was a kid ... and then again as Drosselmeyer for about ten years a while back. It's such a joyous experience - and the kids are always so thoroughly enchanting and delightful.

Have you seen Mark Morris' "The Hard Nut?" It's a contemporary retro version of The Nutcracker - lots of fun!

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a lovely little lady! And purple is my favorite color too :)
When wee one is old enough; I want to take her to the Nutcracker. I myself, have never seen it!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh what fun! Great memories too. I used to go see the Nut Cracker every year. I loved it.

Have not gone in years. I should start up again.

Your little one is beautiful!