Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dismantling the Establishment

Well, not really the establishment but a Rose Parade float. Sheridan and I signed up for Disneyland's "Give a Day, Get a Day" program. If you volunteer for a day, they give you a Disneyland pass for your effort. Since we already have season passes, we donated ours to the Boys and Girls Club.
We worked on the City of Burbank's Rose Parade float that won the Animation Award. Do you remember seeing it going down Colorado Blvd.?

Sheridan had a blast! I need to tell you something about my only daughter. She likes to clean toilets. So when the volunteer leaders asked us to clean buckets using toilet brushes, Sheridan's face lit up. We also cleaned floral tubes (water tubes that hold individual flowers on the float) with wooden sticks. We did this for 3 hours before our lunch break.

Let me tell you, I'm sure it's a lot more fun putting the float together than it was taking it apart! It was a great experience with my daughter. I hope in December, we will be able to put together the 2011 float!

It was amazing to see what it took to put this together. There were 274 volunteers and it took 7 hours to take the float apart.
I've had a VERY busy week and will try to post the festivities soon :)


Joanne Kennedy said...

I came so close to going down to help put a float together this year. Then I just ran out of time. I've always wanted to help do that. I don't think I would want to take them apart though.

Clean toilets! WHAT!!! Now that doesn't sound like fun at all.

Hey can I borrow your daughter this weekend? LOL

dana said...

Hello, Donna! As I watched the RB Parade, I told my husband that you just might be in the crowd! :) I recall from a post last year, that you showed us an up close look at the floats after the parade. The tear down looks tiring and fun. How great that you donated your DL passes!

I'm glad you had such a great BD! I just looked at your photos on FB earlier today....what a lovely spread put on by your group of great friends!

Yep, we're melting here in the Heartland, but we've had very foggy mornings and evenings....unfortunately, with some of it freezing on the roadways and causing very bad wrecks.

It's been a lazy Sat. at our home...reading and watching college BB and NFL playoffs..and napping! I LOVE it!

Have a great rest of the weekend! L,Dana

lisalyn said...

What a neat experience!!

sinnlighet said...

Woooow what a wonderful blog you have! Fell into this via another blog and will stop and look around.

Agneta, Sweden