Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another winner

I picked a winner last Monday for my Cake Pop book giveaway but I have not heard from her and she didn't leave a email as I requested. So I re-drew from the eligible comments and the winner is Suzie Stevens who did leave her email! Congratulations Suzie!


Suzie said...

Thanks so much!! Love your blog!!

dana said...

That Suzie is one lucky gal!! Guess I'm gonna have to order myself one of those great books!! :)

Thanks for the good words about my "run". I thought I would pass out cuz I worked harder than usual....trying to see if I could get close to 3 mi in 30 min....I couldn't believe that I had done so well. That was encouraging. I am not familiar with the Wii....but I'm guessing what you are doing is great. Do you stand in place while you jog with that? I hope I can keep this up when the weather gets snowy and icy. Guess I'll become friends with the treadmill at the gym.....I hate doing machines. I love classes....and jogging! Well, honestly, I don't love jogging....I am just so amazed that I can do it!! Now, when I start adding more hills into my runs...I won't be doing so well time-wise. My son gave me some hints on working on hills....guess that will start on Thurs.

Have a great day.....and no, I don't plan to decorate with dentures this year!!! ha.ha!!

L, Dana