Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glam Halloween

I LOVE the new collection from TomKat Studio! I think this would be perfect for a teen or adult witches tea.
She offers so many adorable items that you can print at home to have an amazing party!

She said her inspiration was the purple glitter trees and plaque she found at Home Goods.

Simply gorgeous! I think it's time for me to plan another Witches Tea for my girlfriends!
See more amazing pictures here and learn where to purchase the printables.


Susan Crabtree said...

I love it too!

dana said...

This is wonderful! Are you and your gal pals still having your Witchy Get-together this year? My pal Bonnie is planning her annual Witches Party on Oct. 22. However, we are really busy now getting ready for our 4th annual Tag Sale! OMG...we have the stuff!!! We've spent two days dragging treasures from our storage unit and setting up/draping tables in her garage. It will be good....and CHEAP this year! :)

Thanks for the kind words about my progress on C25K. Tonight, after two days of backbreaking labor at Bonnie's, I jogged 28 minutes!! It wasn't nearly as much of a struggle as the 4 days I did 25 min. I know it was cooler....that helped a lot. Also, I realize I do better in the evening than first thing in the morning. Sadly, the 5ks are almost always EARLY!! :) I'm so PROUD of you for jumping on the C25K Train...woo-woo! :) It's especially exciting that you are doing it with your little girl! I know Sheridan will forever remember this!! My son will be running in an event on the same day I do the 5K....I'm not sure what he's entered in, but my niece and her stepmom and sis will also be in the same 5k I'm in...the first time for all of us gals. Gads...I don't want to be the last one to cross the finish line!! :) do you want to GLEE it up on our blogs next Tues? Let me know what you want to do. I need to get a photo of me in my GLEEK shirt!! :)

Happy weekend to you!! L, dana

marina said...

Great post, Donna! I love it all!!!