Monday, March 23, 2009

Bite Catering

At my Mary Poppins party this weekend, the hostess hired Bite Catering.
All of the food was "bite-sized".
They served mini cheeseburgers and tomato soup in shot glasses with mini grilled cheese sandwiches hugging the edge of the glass.

Macaroni and cheese was served in parmesean cheese bowls that could be popped in your mouth! They also had mini chocolate milkshakes and mini banana puddings with tiny spoons.
Mary Poppins would surely approve of such a tiny presentation!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I've always wanted to serve mini foods at a party. They are so cute and perfect little comfort foods!

I love the little grilled cheese sandwich. I wonder where they got the little breads? Any ideas?

Love this idea!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

those are totally cool!

Teresa said...

Mini foods- fun idea. Perfect for those of us who are watching our weight =}

Robyn said...

We are doing this exact same thing this weekend for a Hollywood themed 13th Bday Bash. I plan to blog about it next week. Small bite-sized foods are the BEST concept in catering in a long time. People actually tend to eat LESS because they are eating slower, and the presentation is very impressive! Thanks for posting about the caterer (Bite) glad to know about them! I am going to bookmark their site for future reference!

Polka Dot Moon said...

YUM!! Perfect bite sized portions!
I'm starving now :)

Brenda said...

Now I want lots of mini cheeseburgers! What a great concept for a catering company!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Donna; How fun that party must have been. Love the little cheese sandwiches, so cute...


Lorrie said...

Hi Donna, can you please email me at lmnyland(@)gmail(dot)com to help me find Stella?

Thanks so much! --Lorrie Nyland

dana said...

So cute! My (almost) 3 yr old gr. girl calls her "Mary Poplins!" I know, I know---I'm her Nana and I get a kick out of everything she says! Dana

Chef Elizabeth said...

Donna and commenters, thank you for the kind words!

Joanne, we make much of the food from scratch to get the right look and feel. We make our own bread with custom equipment to get the right size and shape.

You're right that people tend to eat a bit less when the food is in smaller portions and more spread out. I think its a more natural way to eat; and people really tend to like the variety.

Chef Elizabeth

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