Sunday, March 29, 2009

Childhood Crush

I love this!!! When I was 8 years old (1973) I saw Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger on stage at the Dorothy Chandler in "Oliver". I loved him on The Monkees and this was my first introduction to live theatre. Of course, I'm a big Brady Bunch fan. I wanted to be Marcia probably because she was on the "Entertaining committee" for the prom---so me!


Kay said...

I had a crush on him too and now he has a home 2 miles from me in Central PA. We see him out sometimes when he is in the area.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

The "other" Monkey, Micky Dolenz (who I did not have a crush on LOL) just appeared here in CT in the Goodspeed Opera House production of "Pippin." He played Charlemagne and was just terrific!

I just realized that had nothing to do with Davy Jones.

Never mind.

Brenda said...

I totally heart Davy Jones!