Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Details

At the wedding I coordinated on Saturday, the bride had the guests sign the inside lid of a Longaberger basket instead of a traditional guest book. It was custom painted with the family's name and a fireman motif to represent the groom's profession. The bride's mom has been a Longaberger rep for many years and even the flower girls carried petals in their baskets and Longaberger baskets held flowers at the end of the pews.
The bride wanted the seating chart to be in keeping with the wedding venue. She hand painted all of the guests name on river rocks and then the table number on the underside of the rock. She then sealed them and they were placed around the fire pit during cocktail hour so the guests could find their table.

Candlelight was very important to the bride and there were a lot of candles. Some of the containers were glass yogurts containers and were placed on the tables, walls and mantle. There was even a roaring fire in the outside fireplace to keep the evening chill away.

In the previous post, I mentioned that I went to my prom with the bride's uncle. Here is our prom picture from 1983 on the left and our picture at the wedding on Saturday...26 years later!


Joanne Kennedy said...

The wedding was very pretty. Love the rocks!

Why my my, you have not aged one bit! Mother Nature has been very kind to you! Lucky lady.


Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE the rocks!!! And you "Look Maavelous" my dear!!

Allidink said...

Aw seems like a nice wedding! Love that photo of you from prom and the current one! So cute!

All the best,

Susan Crabtree said...

love the rocks & the fireplace mantle!

Roberta Granada said...

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Nishant said...

LOVE the rocks!!! And you "Look Maavelous" my dear!!

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Tricia said...

Hi Donna! I found your blog about 3 weeks ago and I spent hours pouring over all of your past entries! :-)

Your creativity is SO INSPIRING!

(And my 6-year-old, Victoria, and 3-year-old, Sofia, want to live in your neighborhood to join the movie parties!)

You've inspired me to throw a shin-dig for my 3-year old! It is all about the details, isn't it?! I'll keep you posted on how it goes! Take care & thanks for your GREAT BLOG!