Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Joanne of My Cottage in the Making. I am to pick my 4th photo album and the 4th picture. This so happens to be a picture of me with a Super Model. What every woman be photographed with a Super Model when she has been sitting for 4 hours and hasn't had a chance to re-touch her make-up. (Like that would have helped!) It's Paulina Porizkova! I met her when she was on Dancing with the Stars. It's taken with my camera phone, so it's pretty bad.

Let me back up a little...November 2006. My mom's neighbor, EC Pauling, is a director for America's Funniest Videos. I mentioned to EC one day that my kids LOVE AFV! We TiVo it and watch them over and over. She invitied us to a taping of the show. I took my 2 sons, Matthew age 12 and Chasen age 8, my niece Katherine, 15, and Chasen's friend, Kinzie. We had the VIP treatment by getting to go into the studio before the rest of the audience. The stage manager noticed Chasen playing air guitar to Ozzie Osbourne that was blasting in the studio (Irish middle child with spiky flaming red hair in a tie and sport coat) He was jumping ALL over the stage. The manager approached us and asked Chasen if he wanted to be on TV with Tom Bergeron (silly question!) Tom came out to say "Hi" to Chasen and Matthew got a boo-boo face. Tom asked if they were related. "Yes", I said, "Brothers". So he invited both of the boys to do the segment with him. The segment was "Head, Gut or Groin" and it aired on Jan. 7, 2007. The kids are still getting approached because it is in major re-runs.

After the show, we all got to go backstage and meet Tom. I mentioned how much we loved DWTS and he invited us to be his personal guests for the upcoming season. So I picked the second show of the season before the eliminations. My niece and I also got to go backstage to the Green Room to meet all of the dancers. What a thrill! I'll show you a couple more...
Cheryl Burke (and my giant boobs)

Katherine and Laila Ali
Julieann Hough and my niece-Don't they look like sisters?

The Green room-it's not green but beige. Yummy food and open bar...WOO HOO!

Another great person to be photgraphed with- Miss USA Shandi Finnessey

I look like such a troll!
Katherine and the season's winner- Apolo Anton Ono

My niece Katherine, Heather Mills and Myself

( I look related to Heather. Must be my English blood!)

Edyta is so, so sweet! And tan!

I look like I just crawled out from under a rock.

That I was under for a VERY long time :)

I will tag the following bloggers...

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Cindy from Cute Pink Stuff

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Lori said...

I can't recall how I ever found your site, but I must say it is pretty amazing! I love the party shots and all your ideas! You've done a wonderful job on your latest Halloween party! Will visit soon! Lori

Charmingdesigns said...

How fun that must have been!! The only taping I've been to was..."Boy meets World"...remember that show?? LOL. Laurie

dana said...

I am so JEALOUS!!!! Not only do you have the Halloween Dishes I want so badly YOU have been to see DWTS in person and YOU have been photographed with them!!!! I LOVE that program, too, and have watched it since day (whoops) night one!!! My husband really doesn't like the show, but he LOVES Edyta! He was not happy that Julieann had to leave the show recently, but his ears perked up when they replayed her with Edyta! How fun that time must've been for you and the kiddos you took!!! I also LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! I am an old clutz, but I must've been a great dancer in a former life, cuz I love to watch those who can! I know I used to thoroughly enjoy my daughter's dance efforts in classes, recitals and programs--especially The Nutcracker!

I am so behind on my tags--these fall sales makes it really hard for me to attend to my computer business(I only wish I could make some money at reading and writing blogs! ). I will answer those next week AND share your teeth candy photos!
Have a great HW!!!!!! dana

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! Glad you played along with the tag game as this was a great story!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fun, fun time! I'm a little behind on my "tags" please forgive me. I'll do it soon.
xo Lidy